[Recap] $THOR Token Launch Results

6,000+ participants, $100M+ liquidity, 3-digit APYs, 5,000+ airdrop recipients

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4 min readNov 12, 2021


The $THOR token launch took place over a very eventful 9 days:

Thorstarter Fair Launch (Phase 1)

A very smooth launch hosted by Thorstarter reached several milestones:

100% funds committed within 17 mins

198% funds committed during the 2-hour window

5,057 participants!

The goal of this fair launch was to allocate to the community as widely as possible, and at the same price as private investors. So we are ecstatic to see 5k+ participants partake in this exclusive launch.

THORChain Uncapped Pool (Phase 2)

This was undoubtedly the bumpiest launch, as acknowledged in our debrief. With the Phase 1 fair launch completed, this Phase 2 uncapped pool was intended for the “apes.” The demand was unprecedented and overwhelming! Apart from the initial deployment delays, the overall protocol and infrastructure proved resilient.

1,200+ participants

⚡Over $110 million liquidity added

Almost $200 million in volume traded

$THOR is currently battling $BTC for the title of deepest liquidity pool on THORChain.

Farming Rewards

160,800+ $THOR rewards are being distributed to $THOR-$RUNE LP’ers daily!

THORChad, your LP position is auto-compounding and rebalancing automatically 🔱⚡

SushiSwap Pools (Phase 3)

Initialized with $2 million in liquidity, the $THOR-$ETH and $THOR-$XRUNE pools on SushiSwap now offer $3 million+ in liquidity.

⚡$THOR-$ETH pool currently has $2.6M in liquidity

⚡7-day volume of nearly $15 million

With sufficient liquidity and swap volume, the plan is to apply for the Sushi Onsen program so that SushiSwap $THOR-$ETH LPers can be rewarded with additional $SUSHI rewards!

Staking and Farming Rewards

Three reward pools were made available to liquidity providers and stakers, beginning with three and four-digit APYs:


⚡Currently 2,600+ liquidity providers

⚡Each LP earning healthy 3-digit APYs

⚡Average LP position is $30,000

Stay tuned for additional rewards for $THOR Stakers and LPers 😉

$THOR Airdrop #1 begins

The first $THOR Airdrop became available for claiming starting November 9th thru December 9th.

⚡~5,000 eligible participants

⚡Each participant may claim between 300 and 600 $THOR tokens

⚡Currently valued at $600 to $1,300

The amount of $THOR for this first free Airdrop was modified per market conditions and community feedback. Rest assured, this initial airdrop is just the beginning! There will be many more airdrops and rewards for those who prove their chadness.

Share Your Feedback

We’ve learned many lessons and we’re always striving to improve for you.

We’ve initiated a Community Feedback Campaign and would appreciate 3 minutes of your time to hear your thoughts.

Share your feedback directly with THORSwap core contributors here.

In Summary

The $THOR token launch was the first step towards community ownership, governance and decentralisation.

We appreciate everyone who participated and all our partners and supporters who guided us along the way.

Now it’s time for THORSwap to get back to doing what we do best - building and shipping!

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new announcements!

Onwards and Upwards, THORChads! 🔱

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