$THOR Airdrop begins Nov 9th

Airdrop for the THORChain community and THORChain Launch participants; ~5k eligible

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4 min readNov 9, 2021

Dear THORChads, we’re thrilled to announce the first $THOR Airdrop can be claimed starting Tuesday, November 9th at 10am EST.

~5,000 participants are eligible for this airdrop, receiving up to 600 $THOR tokens each.

This will be the first of many more airdrops to come.

Am I eligible?

This first Airdrop is being distributed to two groups:

  1. Whitelisted Community members: you must have whitelisted yourself during the whitelisting period (Sep 27- Oct 3)
  2. THORChain token launch participants: automatically whitelisted using on-chain snapshot

Whitelisted Community members

Announced one month ago, the whitelisting period (Sep 27- Oct 3) was made available to active THORSwap community members and THORChain early adopters:

  1. THORSwap Traders
  2. Liquidity Providers for THORChain pools
  3. Top scorers on THORChads Score
  4. THORName pre-order registrants
  5. Active Twitter contributors
  6. Active THORSwap Discord members:
  7. Active THORChadsDAO Discord members:
  8. Users who donated funds to THORChain’s Treasury after the exploits
  9. Golden Ticket winners
  10. THORChain ecosystem builders

~4,000 participants from this long list of community contributors whitelisted themselves and are eligible to claim the airdrop.

Check your eligibility here: https://thorchads.com/airdrop

If you did not whitelist yourself during the whitelisting period, then you are not eligible for the community members allocation. You may still be eligible for the THORChain token launch allocation.

THORChain Token Launch Participants

As mentioned in our Debrief post, we’re also airdropping to those who actively participated in the $THOR Token Launch on THORChain.

The following have been automatically whitelisted using on-chain data:

  • Participants who successfully provided liquidity. The airdrop amount is adjusted proportionally to the block height. Meaning, the later you entered the pool (and higher entry price), the more $THOR you’ll receive in the airdrop. Participants who partly withdrew liquidity are still eligible.
  • Participants who interacted with the Faucet Contract (including reverted transactions and out of gas transactions)
  • Participants who had pending RUNE deposits and interacted with the faucet contract.

~1,000 participants from the THORChain token launch have automatically been whitelisted for the upcoming airdrop. No additional whitelisting steps needed, simply claim the airdropped tokens.

Let’s also not forget that THORChain Treasury donated $11.2 million back to the $THOR pool — effectively another airdrop for $THOR LP’ers.

How to Claim:

  1. Starting Nov 9th, 10am EST…visit thorchads.com/airdrop
  2. Input your Ethereum Address and click on Verify Registered Ethereum Address
  3. Connect wallet and claim $THOR tokens

Please Note:

  • “Claim” transactions require gas to be successfully processed. Please ensure you have enough ETH for gas.
  • The claiming period for this Airdrop is one month, expiring December 9th, 10AM EST
  • After claiming your airdropped tokens, you may Stake or Farm for 3-digit APYs

Community Ownership

The $THOR token is designed to be community-owned, with two-thirds (50% community, 10% public, 5% airdrop) of the total $THOR token supply reserved for community contributors.

We primarily rely on on-chain data to determine contributors. We’ve heard and understand this does not capture 100% of all community members, but rest assured, there will be many more opportunities in the future.

More airdrops to come 🪂

We’re staging out airdrops with regular and seasonal events in the future. We want to reward the Chaddest of Chads!

5% of $THOR’s total supply is dedicated for airdrops!

This initial airdrop alongside THORChain Treasury’s donation is just the beginning. So, stay tuned, stay active and participate!

Chad on! 💪

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