Phase 3 Token Launch on SushiSwap

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3 min readNov 4, 2021

On November 5th 2PM UTC /10AM EST / 7AM PT, $THOR will be available on Sushiswap which requires $ETH (for gas) to participate.

UPDATE: $THOR Sushi Pools now available

THORSwap’s $THOR token launch in 3 phases

  1. November 1st — Thorstarter launch, requires $XRUNE, $vXRUNE and $ETH (for gas) to participate. [Guide] [Recap]
  2. November 3rd — THORChain liquidity pool, requires $RUNE and $ETH (for gas) to participate. [Guide] [Recap]
  3. November 5th — Available on SushiSwap, requires $ETH (for gas) to participate.

There will be two pools with circulating $THOR:

  1. $THOR-$ETH SushiSwap pool with $1.5m liquidity ($750k THOR and $750k ETH)
  2. $THOR-$XRUNE SushiSwap pool with $500k liquidity ($250k THOR and 250 $XRUNE)

When the SushiSwap liquidity pool goes live, the initial price will be the same as the THORChain liquidity pool.

To purchase $THOR, simply swap any $ETH, $XRUNE or any ERC-20 Token via the SushiSwap Pools.

We will also be announcing yield farming for liquidity providers so stay tuned!

How to participate?

THOR Token Contract: 0xa5f2211b9b8170f694421f2046281775e8468044

NOTE: Please be wary of fake pools that have already been deployed to front-run your purchases.

When both liquidity pools ($THOR-$ETH and $THOR-$XRUNE) have been bootstrapped, then you can acquire $THOR. There are multiple methods to do so, the simplest being…

Step 1. Connect your Ethereum wallet to SushiSwap.

Step 2. Import $THOR Token (0xa5f2211b9b8170f694421f2046281775e8468044). Please be sure to use the correct contract address!

Step 3. Swap $ETH, $XRUNE or other ERC20 Tokens for $THOR

Step 4. Sign the transaction in your wallet and pay Ethereum network gas to process the transaction.

Done, you’ve acquired $THOR!

Alternatively, you can go directly to the $THOR-$ETH or $THOR-$XRUNE pools to swap.

When will Sushi pool swaps and LP become active?

All transactions for SushiSwap pools will be activated instantly.

When will THORChain pool swaps and withdrawals become active?

For the $THOR pool on THORChain, all new liquidity pools on THORChain need to be churned in by nodes to become “active.” This churning process takes approximately 3 days and began immediately after the $THOR pool was created.

Once the $THOR pool on THORChain is activated, this means Impermanent Loss Protection will start, trading fees enabled, swaps and all withdrawals (symmetric and asymmetric) will become available.

UPDATE: Pool is now active!

Be on the lookout for some nice block rewards 😉

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