[recap] $THOR Token Launch on Thorstarter: 100% committed in 17 minutes!

Thank you Chads! Thank you Thorstarter!

100% funds committed within 17 mins.

198% funds committed during the 2-hour window.

5057 participants!

The goal of this launch on Thorstarter was to allocate to the community as widely as possible, and at the same price as private investors. So we are quite pleased to see 5k+ participants partake in this exclusive launch.

Claiming $THOR on Thorstarter

Claims will begin when the Phase 2 THORChain pool launch is completed and activated, which is estimated to be Friday or Saturday (depending on your time zone).

Step 1: go to https://app.thorstarter.org

Step 2: connect the wallet you used for this Thorstarter launch

Step 3: claim your owed $THOR and $XRUNE refund (if any) together in 1 transaction. We recommend you claim both at the same time to save on gas fees.

See the Thorstarter Discord for more details.


In just 10 days at the time of the launch, Thorstarter had 10,820 XRUNE holders, which is an 80% increase!

and 5,947 vXRUNE Stakers, which is a 260% increase!

Transactions skyrocketed!

We are overwhelmed!

2nd in gas burning despite being an overflow launch with a 2 hour window!

All in all, 10,000,000 $THOR (2% of total supply) has been allocated to 5,057 THORChads!

We could not have done this without you THORChads! And we specially could have not done this without Thorstarter — our dream partner, super smooth user experience and super smooth launch! Thank you all ⚡

Next up, we have the UNCAPPED pool launch on THORChain starting Wednesday 3rd November at 2PM UTC /10AM EST / 7AM PT.

See you all in Valhalla! 🔱.

Thorstarter Links

About THORSwap

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THORSwap App: https://app.thorswap.finance
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/thorswap_ann


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