THORChain Launch Debrief: We hear you. Let’s make this right!

Significant airdrop to THORChain launch participants, sharing our commitment to the community and THORChain donating back to LP’s

It’s why 65% of $THOR’s total supply will be in community hands, your hands — via airdrop (5%), community incentives (50%) and public launches (10%).

So what happened?

The launch on THORChain was intended to be open and public to all.

The Big Picture

5,057 participants received $THOR at the private sale price

NEXT STEPS: Making things right

We love the THORSwap and THORChain community and are absolutely committed to you. We appreciate your support thus far and the coming future.

About THORSwap




World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.

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