THORSwap Roadmap Update [Q4 2021]

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4 min readNov 26, 2021

With the multi-phase $THOR Token Launch completed, it’s back to buidling, and we have a ton in store for you 💪

THORSwap’s “vision for the future” is to become a world-class cross-chain aggregator with a multitude of complementary products and services:

THORSwap Overview

Cross-chain aggregation

THORChain liquidity is currently limited to short-tail assets. By aggregating more liquidity resources across multiple blockchains, and routing transactions through THORChain, THORSwap will provide cross-chain swaps for thousands of long-tail assets in a decentralised and non-custodial manner.

THORSwap will provide cross-chain swaps for thousands of long-tail assets in a decentralised and non-custodial manner.

vTHOR (Staking 2.0)

We had our best degens revamp THORSwap’s tokenomics — bringing more utility, composability and capital efficiency.

Version 2.0 of single-sided $THOR staking will introduce $vTHOR: stake $THOR for $vTHOR and receive cashback fee discounts, governance rights, value accrual and more.

You heard correctly… cashback! The more you trade, the more cashback you’ll receive! vTHOR stakers will also wield a wide variety of governance powers, and in turn, revenues from all THORSwap and THORChad products will accrue to these vTHOR stakers.

Further details to be released in the future.

THORSwap’s Trading Black Hole

DAO Governance

$THOR is the governance token, utility token and proof of membership token for THORSwap and THORChads DAO. Stakers will govern community incentives, direct liquidity 👀, curate THORChadsDAO community projects, and much more.

Protocol-owned Liquidity and Bonds

Need we say more!? This will be key to the longevity of the protocol.

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

We already offer a web app and desktop app, and soon you’ll be able to use THORSwap directly from your phone. Swap assets, provide liquidity, check your wallet balance and even bond a node from your phone!

THORChain’s THORFi Features

The more THORChain builds, the more THORSwap will offer. THORSwap will continue to offer the full THORChain experience by being the destination for all THORChain THORfi features, and more…

API/SDK for 3rd party developers

Take it from us, building cross-chain solutions for the multi-chain world is not easy! That’s why we’ll be offering a one-stop API/SDK for 3rd party developers to access all of THORSwap’s aggregated liquidity, all THORFi functionality and all THORSwap functionality.

THORSwap’s API/SDK will bring additional composability to the THORChain ecosystem.

NFT Trophies

The Chaddest of Chads will soon start receiving limited edition NFT Trophies by community artists. These unique, rare NFT’s were created to recognize and reward loyal Chads, and are NOT sold by the team.

These limited edition NFT Trophies can ONLY be earned by proving your Chadness! 💪

I wonder what you can do with these NFT Trophies… 😉

THORChad Score V2

More challenges, seasonal quests, updated UI, and more!

THORYield V2

The one stop shop to track your yield from anywhere. View detailed analytics for your LP positions on THORChain and SushiSwap, your $THOR staking rewards, portfolio balances, nodes, and even show off your NFTs on your phone! More to come in a full blog post.


Your key to the THORFi and the THORChad Metaverse…

Oh, and did we mention the THORChad Metaverse? 🤫

See you all in Valhalla 🔱⚡️

About THORSwap

THORSwap is the leading multi-chain, decentralized exchange (DEX) platform powered by THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

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The home of the THORChad Metaverse, where the community can interact with creative projects like NFTs and games. will act as a creative launchpad, supporting new creative community projects with marketing, dev support, and more.