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5 min readSep 16, 2021

The community asked and we delivered. A new bespoke desktop app for all your crosschain needs!

THORSwap is ecstatic to announce the new Desktop App. You can now facilitate all your THORSwap needs from your own desktop. Connect your wallet to the Desktop App and explore the cross-chain universe. No more worrying about phishing sites, verifying the website, double checking the URL or site information. Simply, download and go.

THORSwap team has been building at speed during THORChain’s network recovery. We are amped to bring a whole new experience to you THORChads for when THORChain resumes trading 🔱.

How to download Desktop App?

  1. Go to THORSwap website and click “Desktop App”

2. Download Desktop App by choosing an Operating System (Mac / Windows / Ubuntu)

3. Install Desktop App after download

Cross-Operating system compatibility

It makes sense for a cross-chain dex to support cross-operating systems. You can use the desktop app on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu OS.

How to use the new Desktop App

Connect your Wallet!
The desktop app is compatible with a diverse range of wallets.

As a cross-chain DEX interface, it is vital to provide as many wallet options for all chains. This enables cross-chain swaps between cross-compatible wallets⚡


🛅 TrustWallet
📟 Ledger (Binance Chain + Thorchain)
⚡ Keystore

Click (CONNECT) at the top right, then select your wallet and the relevant chain. Example below shows user connecting “Keystore” wallet to Desktop App and selecting the relevant chains.

After clicking connect, upload keystore file and enter your decrypted password to unlock wallet. For connecting any wallets, simply follow the steps provided on the Desktop App.

Use wallet combinations to swap assets and provide liquidity!

Our most innovative update is flexible wallet management solutions. Connect different wallet chains to swap native asset between wallets or provide liquidity for example:

For Swaps → Connect ETH wallet and BNB wallet to swap ETH for BUSD and recieve BUSD in BNB wallet.

For Providing Liquidty → Add $BTC liquidity from Keystore and then add $RUNE liquidity from Ledger.

Use the NEW Sidebar!
Users can navigate THORSwap directly from the sidebar. Navigate to wallet, pools (as seen below), liquidity positions, see pending deposits, and even stalk node operators. You can also collapse the sidebar to expand the main space for full viewing pleasure.

Swap → Perform cross-chain swaps of Native L1 assets
Deposit → Provide Liquidity to THORChain
Pools → Peer at liquidity pools like APY, Volume, Depth
Liquidity → Analyse your LP positions
Pending → See if any deposits are outstanding
Stats → Network and DEX statistics
Wallet → Manage your cross-chain assets on all your wallets
THORNode → An interface specifically for Node Operator Management
Plus more → docs, faqs, transactions, tools, explorers

Manage your Wallet
You can manage all your connected wallets from one interface…… aka manage your multi-chain crypto assets from multiple wallets all in one place and without leaving the comfort of your own desktop.

View your wallet stats in the list or grid format to:

  • see all your stored assets from multiple wallets in one place
  • see calculated total asset values and total wallet value on the wallet page
  • keep up to date with price movements of assets

Use the sidebar to navigate to “wallet”, toggle between list and grid view as shown below.

Wallet stats help users to recognize price volatility, market sentiment, and asset balances from all wallets.

Total Wallet balance (1),

24 Hour Price change (2),

7 Day Price Chart (3),

Asset Balance (4)

Add liquidity
After connecting your wallets, you can start adding liquidity from the Desktop app.

Navigate to “DEPOSIT’ in the sidebar, select the asset you want to pool, how much, and what composition (symmetrically, asymmetrically, or pro). Click add liquidity, congratulations you are now a THORChain LP’er!

A dedicated page for Node Operators to manage their nodes and for users to keep tabs on their favourite NO’s. See article THORSwap releases THORNode Management

Navigate to “THORNode” in the sidebar, look at node statistics, add nodes to the watchlist, select nodes to see their details, etc.

Thank you for making it this far, we hope you enjoy your new app as much as we do!

We will be pushing out updates with notifications to the desktop app such as adding more wallets, pushing functionality, improving the UI/UX, fixing any bugs, etc

Any feedback from the community is welcome, join the DISCORD and make a suggestion.

THORSwap Discord

THORSwap community has passed 11,000 members, go join!

Discord will be the 🥇 place for the THORSwap community. It is where the community meets to engage, prosper and innovate. It is our Valhalla.

In order for us to listen, you need to be heard — so join our⚡ DISCORD.

We are fully committed to being community orientated. We are committed to continuously innovate THORSwap and improve our UX until it is seamless.

We also provide technical support, if you need support or have found a bug then create a ticket in⚡ DISCORD⚡ and our team will be happy to help!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thorswap

THORSwap App: https://app.thorswap.finance

Website: https://thorswap.finance

FAQ: https://thorswap.finance/faq

Join the Community! Provide feedback and contribute!

Discord: https://discord.gg/thorswap

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/thorswap_ann