One Month of Olympus Pro (🔱,🔱)

Greetings Chads!

Welcome back from Yuletide celebrations and basking in the winter solstice!

You Chads have thoroughly supported THORSwap using Olympus Pro Bonds. For those who don’t know about Ohm bonds, bonding is a mechanism in which a user can sell assets to THORSwap in exchange for discounted $THOR. Users can bond by providing the required Sushi LP tokens (THOR-ETH SLP or RUNE-ETH SLP) or a single asset like ETH.RUNE (ERC20 RUNE).

In one month!

At the peak, the total bonded value was $870,917! In just one month THORSwap has acquired nearly $1 million worth of assets! We appreciate you THORChads!

Total value of protocol owned liquidity (POL)

Whilst you guys have received discounted $THOR and 5x Staking Boosts, THORSwap has acquired ATH POL (Protocol owned liquidity):

  • $402,315 worth of THOR-ETH liquidity
  • $153,041 worth of RUNE-ETH liquidity
  • $315,560 worth of ETH.RUNE

This is astonishing! For all those bonders out there, thank you and we shall be adding a little bonus to your THORChad Scores 😉. Keep on bonding and if you haven’t then……..

We need you!

More Chads participating in the bonding program is a win-win-win:

To participate visit THORSwap’s Partner page on Olympus Pro.

Right now, there is an 11.09% ROI bond for ETH.RUNE. This means that for selling ETH.RUNE you will receive THOR at a market rate discount of 11.09% (linearly vested over 7 days). Acquired ETH.RUNE will be swapped for Native RUNE, accelerating the retirement of ETH.RUNE, and can be used to acquire THORChain POL plus many other functions that help network stability!

By participating in Olympus Pro you will be directly contributing to THORChain’s Network Stability and THORSwap‘s growth!

Spread the message, spread (🔱,🔱) and you shall be a Chad bonder!

About THORSwap

THORSwap is the leading multi-chain, decentralized exchange (DEX) platform powered by THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

THORSwap App:
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The home of the THORChad Metaverse, where the community can interact with creative projects like NFTs and games. will act as a creative launchpad, supporting new creative community projects with marketing, dev support, and more.





World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.

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THORSwap Finance

THORSwap Finance

World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.

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