Olympus Dao x THORSwap (🔱,🔱)

Protocol Owned Liquidity and Bonds!

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3 min readDec 6, 2021


THORSwap has partnered with Olympus Dao as a part of the Olympus Pro Cohort #4. Big shoutout to the OHM team for this collaboration!

Chads, show your support and let’s see (🔱,🔱) everywhere! From Asgard to Midgard (🔱,🔱)!

What Is Olympus Pro?

The future of DeFi is protocols owning their own liquidity. Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining in their emissions programs. Instead of incentivising farming and dumping, protocols use Olympus Pro’s bonding service emissions to purchase liquidity from users, and users acquire discounted $THOR.

How does it work?

“Bonding is a mechanism in which a user can sell assets to a protocol in exchange for its native token” — OHM

Olympus Pro allows users to acquire $THOR at discounted rates by bonding either Sushi LP tokens or ETH.RUNE:


This bonding mechanism allows THORSwap to accumulate its own liquidity. Users provide THOR-ETH SLP, ETH.RUNE or RUNE-ETH SLP to acquire discounted $THOR which will be vested linearly over 7 days. This incentivises users to sell to THORSwap, rather than to the open market as bonds are offered at a discounted rate, and linear vesting helps reduce selling pressure.

Why these bonds?


The liquidity of the THOR-ETH SLP pool is shallow in comparison to the THOR-RUNE pool on THORChain. This leads to large price fluctuations in the THOR-ETH pool. By accepting THOR-ETH SLP, THORSwap can thus deepen the pool’s liquidity and start stabilising these price fluctuations. A buffer of locked liquidity thus protects token holders and ensures liquidity in our trading pools.


We have exciting plans for this that will bring more utility and liquidity to THORSwap and THORChain.


There is over $2M in 24 Hour volume on the RUNE-ETH liquidity pools. Again, we have exciting news to share for this soon.

Why is this important?

  1. Opportunity to buy $THOR at a discount. Long term holders acquire discounted $THOR whilst THORSwap acquires liquidity, it’s a win-win.
  2. For Chads, this bonding process allows you to avoid Impermanent Loss on Sushi pools (as we all know THORChain pools offer IL Protection).
  3. Additional yield farming opportunities are possible.
  4. This significantly bootstraps liquidity in our trading pools. Currently, THORSwap incentivises LP’ers via high APYs which in the short term is key to bootstrapping liquidity but in the long term, is not sustainable as it leads to dumping. Protocol owned liquidity is the key to longevity by aligning capital with long term success of THORSwap.
  5. Liquidity will be permanently owned by the THORSwap protocol, meaning users can trust that they’ll have ample and consistent liquidity for trading.
  6. THORSwap acquires ETH.RUNE which will hasten the retirement of ETH.RUNE but can also be used for multiple purposes and bringing additional utility to $THOR.
  7. Fees from our POL (protocol owned liquidity) bring an additive, consistent source of revenue to THORSwap, and also more value accrual to $THOR holders.
  8. Revenue generated by the protocol-owned liquidity will help to sustain and fund operations, marketing, and more.
  9. Efficient liquidity in any pool is important to minimize “bank runs.”

This partnership is an exciting development for both THORChads and Ohmies. Let us celebrate with (🔱,🔱)

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