THORYield — The first DeFi bot in discord to track your LP yields

A new tool for the THORSwap Community.

About THORYield:

THORYield aims to offer a user-friendly interface whilst providing an advanced experience of liquidity pool tracking.

Based on community feedback, we have already added new features and improvements in the initial version of the BOT.

TLDR; Check your LP yields all from discord!

THORYield Features:

  • Advanced Mode
  • Basic view (Plain)
  • Track your LP Performance with Charts
  • Pools Specific slash commands /yield-eth

The THORSwap Team is extremely excited to deliver ;
The first-ever LP Yield Tracker in DeFi built directly into discord.

Get Started with THORYield

Join the community discord and navigate to #thoryield section;

In the #thoryield section simply type /thoryield to get started.

P.S: If you don’t receive a DM then please enable “allow direct messages” in discord privacy settings.

THORYield BOT will then send you a DM asking for your Address;
Simply type: /yield <address> <pool>

TIP: For future references, you will be able to communicate with the BOT directly in your DMs!

THORYield BOT User Interface

The THORYield User Interface contains all the relevant information for THORChain Liquidity Providers. As well as two handy charts for LP vs HODL value and Fees Earned over time.

THORYield UI Explained:

Additional Commands:

For example, with the /plain <address> <pool> command you can get an embed view of your Liquidity Pools:

Join the THORSwap Community, engage with others and check your yields in the same place, The THORSwap team is looking forward to receive community feedbacks so that we can improve our products with more features.

You can provide feedback on discord!


THORSwap App:



Join the Community! Provide feedback and contribute!


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