THORSynths are here: Mint, Redeem, and Swap Synthetic assets

THORChain Native Synthetic assets with instant settlement, low gas and no risk of Impermanent Loss

THORChain synthetic assets are primitives for both higher-order financial features, as well as fully-secured, fully-backed synthetic assets that can be sent anywhere in the Cosmos IBC ecosystem and they will always retain the guarantee they can be redeemed for the underlying.”

TL;DR: Synths are simple, easy and cheap
• 5 Second confirmation Time
• Fixed 0.02 $RUNE outbound (tx) fee

How to Mint / Redeem THORSynths on THORSwap:

Supported Wallets for THORSynths
Click “Mint” to acquire a sBTC.
After 5–10 sec, the transaction will be confirmed.
Redeem sBTC for BNB (Native)
After 3 secs, the transaction will be confirmed and you’ll receive your redeemed Assets.


About THORSwap




World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.

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