THORSwap x WOOFi: Deeper Avalanche Liquidity

Introducing a new Avalanche liquidity partner! Smart liquidity, max efficiency 💪

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THORSwap is proud to announce a new DEX Aggregator liquidity provider — WOOFi! We are extremely excited to partner with WOO Network, a unique blend of CeFi and DeFi services to bring our users access to deeper liquidity on Avalanche. This partnership also means WOOFi liquidity is now connected beyond what was previously possible: any WOOFi asset <> any THORSwap reachable asset, both ways, without constraints.

What is WOOFi?

WOOFi is the DeFi half of WOO Network — a platform connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi protocols with democratized access to deep liquidity and trading execution at low cost.

WOOFi exposes 100% on-chain the liquidity of WOO X, the centralized exchange. Our partnership means THORSwap users can access deeper liquidity for tokens such as $AVAX, $USDC, $USDT, $BTC.b, $WETH.b, $WAVAX, $WOO to natively swap between major L1’s — Bitcoin, Ethereum (plus 4,500+ ERC-20 tokens), Cosmo Hub ($ATOM), THORChain, BNB Beacon+Smart Chain, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash without bridging or wrapping assets 💪

As always, our best-in-class cross-chain trading experience is decentralized, permissionless and self-custodial, executing in a single transaction.

The Aggregator of Aggregators

At THORSwap we aim to integrate the best liquidity sources across crypto to create the most seamless cross-chain exchange experience. WOOFi offers users access to deep liquidity via WOO Network’s decentralized exchange.

Based on internal QAs, we found WOOFi to be very competitive. For native Bitcoin to stablecoins on Avalanche such as $USDC and $USDT, WOOFi was frequently our new leading liquidity source:

Dramatically lower slippage is now possible for cross-chain swaps to and from Avalanche!

As a super-aggregator of varied liquidity sources, we continue to optimize and offer THORSwap users increased options for optimal pricing, superior routing and reduced slippage — only the best quote prevails 💪

Once THORChain’s integration of BNB Smart Chain is complete, we also look forward to integrating WOOFi as a source of BEP20 liquidity.

Benefits for $THOR Community

Like many liquidity sources, WOOFi takes an exchange fee with every swap. As part of our integration, THORSwap is now a whitelisted WOOFi broker — receiving 0.5bps of each trade that is sent to WOOFi via the broker’s application as a new source of protocol revenue.

Quite simply, this means:

  • WOOFi charges 2.5bps (0.025%) fee on all swaps.
  • WOOFi gives a rebate to THORSwap of 0.5bps (0.005%)
  • 75% of this rebate will be shared with $vTHOR holders as additional #RealYield.

Technical Benefits for SwapKit API partners

It goes without saying that access to WOOFi liquidity is now part of SwapKit — our one-stop suite of cross-chain services. All SwapKit partners will be able to access aggregated Ethereum Mainnet and Avalanche C-Chain Liquidity with THORChain native swaps, DEX aggregation, yield, analytics tools and more 👍

All functions supported include:

  1. WOOFi<>WOOFi trades with swap method
  2. WOOFi<>Other chain via THORChain with swapIn method
  3. Other chain <>WOOFi via THORChain with swapOut method

Learn more by visiting our developer docs or get in touch via our Discord.

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