THORSwap x Metaforo: Decentralized Governance

Announcing THORSwap Forum migration to Metaforo: Unleashing the Power of Web3 ⚡

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3 min readJun 27, 2023

THORSwap has always committed to building a thriving and decentralized community fit for the future of DeFi and Web3. As an integral component of decentralized governance, the THORSwap Forum is the dedicated home where members gather to ideate, share feedback, draft proposals, complete on-chain votes and drive the community forward.

Recognizing the critical importance of decentralization governance, THORSwap has successfully migrated the governance forum from Discourse to Metaforo, a wholly decentralized, Web3 native forum platform.

Check it out at, while you’re there, why not join the discussion on the latest proposal?

Get familiar with Metaforo with this 2-minute walkthrough video from their team

Why Metaforo?

THORSwap’s previous forum solution — Discourse, despite being a go-to platform for many crypto projects and DAOs, is a Web2 tool with several limitations. Challenges such as susceptibility to Sybil attacks, lack of on-chain proof of work, and low participation rates hinder effective governance. Additionally, the absence of Web3 access control to discussions and voting, coupled with centralized data storage, means the platform is not as secure or decentralized.

Metaforo is a game-changer. As a Web3 native forum, it carries all features of a traditional forum and much more.

First and foremost, Metaforo operates with decentralized data ownership. Identity validation is reinforced through wallet connections, ensuring fair voting and reducing the risk of Sybil attacks.

Direct wallet integration, token-gating functionality, and a mobile app with push notifications, all help to encourage higher voting participation rates.

Metaforo also has Snapshot on-chain voting directly built in, so future proposals can be discussed, poll’d and directly voted upon inside the forum. It also ensures fair distribution of voting power through token-gated pools and snapshot strategies. Snapshot strategies are clearly displayed, fostering understanding of proposal evaluation and selection.

Finally, data and content are stored in a decentralized manner on Arweave — no more relying on a centralized cloud storage! Best of all, Metaforo currently offers all of these solutions completely free of charge.

Post-Migration and the Journey Ahead

Working closely with the Metaforo team, THORSwap has completed a smooth migration to Metaforo, all previous forum content and members have been transferred seamlessly. Community members can even login with their prevoius Discourse account and then connect their wallets (Tutorial).

THORSwap’s forum URL will remain the same, and all existing thread URLs will be updated automatically. From now, the governance process are as follow:

  1. Ideation — start with a post in the “community-ideas” section of the THORSwap Discord. No specific template is necessary.
  2. Discussion (5 days minimum) — create a draft proposal in Proposals using this template. Include a poll that’s configured for voting by $THOR holders only (minimum 100 $THOR voting threshold) with no quorum limit. Proposals may continue to be refined based on community feedback during this stage.
  3. Voting — After poll has completed with more ‘For’ than ‘Against’, it can then be posted to Snapshot for official on-chain vote.

Full details can be found in the Resources section of the Forum:

The switch to Metaforo signifies THORSwap’s commitment to Web3 and decentralized community engagement. This migration will help THORSwap thrive, enabling more democratic, secure, and transparent community discussions and decision-making.

Onwards! ⚡

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