THORSwap x KeepKey: Mutual Integration for Seamless Cross-chain DeFi

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6 min readApr 12, 2024

THORSwap is thrilled to announce a mutual integration with Keep Key hardware wallet via SwapKit!⚡

KeepKey Wallet users can now connect your hardware wallets on THORSwap, simultaneously accessing Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, Cosmos, THORChain wallets and more in one interface.

That’s not all, THORSwap has also been integrated directly into the KeepKey hardware wallet, uniting enhanced security and seamless trading cross-chain. KeepKey, renowned for its robust self-custody crypto solutions, now offers its users direct access to THORSwap multi-chain DEX through the KeepKey Client App.

This strategic alliance underscores our mutual commitment to making decentralized finance more accessible and secure, ensuring that our users can trade confidently across multiple chains with the trusted protection of KeepKey.

About KeepKey

KeepKey is a leader in self-custody hardware wallets, emphasizes lasting security and supports the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem through seamless integration with new technologies. Their open-source approach ensures that everyone from beginners to advanced users can access top-tier security and privacy tools. Together, THORSwap and KeepKey advance web3 accessibility, offering our users a secure and streamlined way to engage with digital assets. Learn more about KeepKey’s mission at

KeepKey’s commitment to ensuring the highest level of security and its continuous innovation in the crypto space has earned the support of users worldwide. Now, with THORSwap’s integration into KeepKey’s Client App, we are combining KeepKey’s renowned security with our unique robust cross-chain swapping capabilities. To celebrate this momentous collaboration, THORSwap users can order a special KeepKey THORChain bundle featuring industry leading security for you and a fren or loved one by visiting:

Featuring 2x KeepKey Hardware Wallets + USBC to Micro USB cable

What does this mean for THORSwap Users?

THORSwap users can now connect wallets on multiple chains simultaneous — with the security of a hardware wallet interface, to use all functions such as Swap, earn, lending, staking, LP, THORName management and more:

This seamless functionality is only made possible thanks to SwapKit SDK and KeepKey team’s contributions to the open-source codebase.

KeepKey Client: Bridging the Gap

KeepKey’s Client App serves a critical function for both managing assets securely as well as an avenue for KeepKey hardware wallet users to explore and utilize an array of blockchain apps and services. Now fully integrated into SwapKit SDK which powers THORSwap, the THORSwap app can be also seamlessly accessed within the client app. This enables seamless simultaneous connection of wallet addresses on supported blockchains (Polkadot currently unavailable) without the need to switch chains.

Key Benefits of this Integration

  1. Advanced Security: THORSwap’s integration within KeepKey allows users to manage and swap assets directly through their KeepKey hardware wallets. This ensures that users’ private keys never leave the safety of their hardware device, thus reinforcing the security tenets that THORSwap and DeFi stand for.
  2. Driving Adoption of Cross-Chain Swaps: This partnership is instrumental in broadening THORSwap’s user base and advancing the capabilities of SwapKit SDK. Being featured directly in KeepKey gives THORSwap exposure to a highly engaged and security-conscious audience. Users can perform seamless swaps between different blockchains, bypassing the need for centralized exchanges and embracing the full potential of decentralization.
  3. Fostering a Unified Ecosystem: KeepKey’s intuitive interface coupled with THORSwap’s ground-breaking swapping capabilities fosters an ecosystem where users can manage and trade assets effortlessly. This integration creates a synergy that magnifies the inherent strengths of both platforms.
  4. Enabling access to the full suite of THORChain DeFi products with added security and privacy.

Powered by SwapKit

Learn more at

Designed for all protocols and devs, SwapKit’s SDK gives developers API access to a powerful suite of non-custodial, permissionless DeFi tools to interact with 5,500+ crypto assets across 10 blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and THORChain.

KeepKey is now a core wallet component as part of SwapKit SDK— enabling this mutual integration as well as any protocol to support KeepKey via SwapKit.

Learn more on SwapKit Website and Docs.

Using THORSwap on KeepKey Client

NOTE: The same process below applies when connecting KeepKey on

  1. Open the KeepKey Desktop App

Don’t have it? Download it on

2. Click on the Available dApps button:

3. Select THORSwap:

4. Connect Your Wallets: Inside the familiar THORSwap interface, click on the “connect” button on the top right hand corner:

5. Choose KeepKey under Hardware Wallets category:

6. You will now be prompted to pick which chains you would like to connect. KeepKey supports all current chains on the network except for Polkadot. You can choose just one chain, a couple chains, or all of them for the full THORSwap experience. After you’ve made your selection, don’t forget to click the agree to the Terms of Service button, and then press “Connect Wallet.”

7. The KeepKey Desktop will now confirm you would like to pair your KeepKey with Thorswap. If so, Click “Pair.” If not, click “Reject.”

8. Follow any security prompts from the KeepKey Desktop, it may prompt you to either enter your PIN, or if you have your Passphrase enabled it may ask you to enter that and confirm it on the KeepKey device as well.

9. You are now connected to THORSwap via KeepKey! Prepare yourself for a seamless experience powered by SwapKit that allows you to do any swap possible without needing to change wallets, entering new addresses.

Whether on the web dApp: or within KeepKey Client, thanks to the power of SwapKit SDK — you will experience the same robust cross-chain experience you’ve come to know and love.

For those new to the world of hardware crypto wallets, you will first need to order a physical device from the official KeepKey store. Following this, you will enjoy the same THORSwap experience up to the point of on-chain confirmation, at which point you will be prompted on the KeepKey device itself to confirm the transaction.

Thanks to the benefits of a hardware wallet, you will enjoy an extra layer of security. KeepKey’s large display also clearly presents the crucial information related to the transaction and associated fees. Once everything looks good to you, you can then use the confirmation button to approve the transaction.

A Win-Win Collaboration

The mutual integration of THORSwap and KeepKey through SwapKit is more than just a collaboration; it represents the union of a shared vision to empower all users in crypto. This partnership will pave the way for enhanced user experiences and broader adoption of permissionless, non-custodial cross-chain DeFi. THORSwap is deeply committed to building a bright Multi-chain future, and we are excited to see where this journey takes leads.

Onwards and upwards! ⚡

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