THORSwap ($THOR) Airdrop Instructions: step #1 of 2 (Whitelisting)

The whitelisting period for $THOR, the native token of THORSwap, is Sept 27th — Oct 3rd

We are thrilled to open the whitelisting period for the $THOR airdrop.

Why a THOR airdrop?

THORSwap will airdrop 5% of the total THOR supply of 500,000,000 to the community and early adopters. Roughly US$10,000,000 will be airdropped shortly after the TGE (Token Generation Event), with the remaining airdrop allocation to be awarded during monthly competitions.

Two main reasons for an airdrop:

  1. To reward active THORSwap community members and THORChain early adopters. Both are of paramount importance for the success of any product and cannot be valued enough. Many community members have dedicated a lot of time and effort to help THORSwap grow and improve and this airdrop serves as a token of appreciation to early users.
  2. The airdrop is the first step towards decentralized THORSwap governance and ownership. The majority of THOR’s total supply is allocated for the community and is earned through productive community actions.

Who is eligible for the airdrop?

THORSwap designed a fair airdrop that is based on on-chain activity and community contributions.

Meeting any of the following 9 criteria will qualify you for the $THOR airdrop. If you meet more than one criteria, your claimable amount will be stacked.

  1. Liquidity Providers for THORChain pools, regardless of interface (on-chain snapshot taken on Sept 25th)
  2. Traders who performed cross-chain swaps using the THORSwap interface (on-chain snapshot taken in Mid Sept)
  3. Top scorers on THORChads Score (on-chain snapshot taken on Sept 25th)
  4. THORName pre-order registrants. (exclude Twitter registrants)
  5. Active THORSwap Discord members:
  • Discord members who reported bugs or provided feedback in the past
  • Top active members
  • Discord server boosters (snapshot taken in August)

6. Active THORChads Discord members:

  • Top active members
  • Top leaderboard for invites
  • Discord server boosters

7. Active Twitter contributors:

  • A selection of THORChad #ProveYourChadness campaign participants
  • A selection of THORYield #ShareYourYield campaign participants

8. THORChain users who donated arbed funds from the Ethereum Pool to THORChain’s treasury after the exploits

9. THORChain ecosystem builders

Why require whitelisting for the airdrop?

Many airdrop mechanisms distribute tokens based on on-chain data.

Because THORChain is a multi-chain protocol, and THORSwap’s airdropped tokens are only distributed to single-chain ETH/ERC-20 addresses, we must first whitelist the ETH/ERC-20 addresses of eligible participants.

Additionally, we also want to reward active community members who contributed off-chain — such as active Discord members and active Twitter contributors.

How to get whitelisted?

There are 2 ways to get whitelisted.

On-chain snapshot:

  1. On-chain snapshots were taken on Sept 25th
  2. Visit and follow instructions.

3. Connect wallet and check if your addresses are eligible or not.

4. If eligible, follow the instructions to register your Ethereum address.

5. You are successfully registered now.

Discord whitelisting:

Whitelist yourself in either the THORSwap or THORChads Discord

  1. Eligible Discord members can access the airdrop instructions in the #thor-airdrop private channel
Private Discord channel

2. Follow the airdrop instructions to whitelist your Ethereum address via Discord Airdrop bot in DM

3. After registration, visit THORChads Airdrop page to verify submitted Ethereum address is registered.

THORSwap’s $THOR airdrop whitelisting period is Sept 27th — Oct 3rd.

We hope this airdrop demonstrates how much we value THORSwap and THORChain community members. Following in the spirit of the THORChain ecosystem, our goal is to always treat community members as first-class citizens. If you have any questions, you can always contact us on Discord.

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