THORSwap — The Road Ahead

How it started

THORChain is crucial to the decentralization of the entire crypto ecosystem. Being able to swap natively between multiple layer 1 blockchains in a permissionless, non-custodial and decentralised manner is revolutionary.

  • Launched THORSwap on THORChain’s Multi-Chain Chaos Net (MCCN) in April 2021
  • Launched THORName in June 2021, with 10,000+ registrations to date
  • 1st to launch ThorFi Synths in July 2021

How it’s going

THORSwap is the number #1 decentralised exchange for THORChain.

What’s next

Currently, THORSwap is exclusively utilizing THORChain liquidity. Whilst the number of supported blockchains is increasing over time, however, THORChain is only designed to support short tail crypto assets.

THORSwap’s “Vision for the future”

THORSwap aims to become a world-class cross-chain aggregator, providing deep liquidity for traders and investors to instantly swap thousands of digital assets across multiple blockchains in a decentralized and non-custodial manner.

  1. DEX Aggregator — Swap thousands of crypto assets across multiple blockchains
  2. Partner API — A composable API for partners to easily leverage THORSwap-integrated liquidity pools and functionality
  3. THORChads Rewards Platform — Metaverse home to reward loyal THOR Chads

Trading Black Hole

These services will help THORSwap create the “trading black hole”:

  1. Higher revenues
  2. More value accrual to the community
  3. More trading fees discounts
  4. Repeat

What We Believe In

THORSwap believes in:

  • Products and services that are provided in a decentralized, scalable, and secure manner
  • Treating our community and users (including traders, investors, liquidity providers, and node operators) as first-class citizens
  • Project tokenomics that is governed and majority-owned by the community

In Summary: “Why THORSwap?”

  • Decentralized and non-custodial, unlike centralized exchanges
  • Seamlessly swap across multiple blockchains, unlike other DEXes
  • Dedicated 24–7 customer support team
  • All-in-one access to all THORChain services
  • New products (Desktop app, THORChads), functionality (ThorFi Synths), and improvements are constantly being released
  • Summary video:

World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.