THORSwap releases THORNode Management

A tool to manage your node all from one interface 💪

THORSwap has developed an accessible interface with diverse wallet support for Node Operators to manage their node. Node Operators are absolutely integral to the THORChain Ecosystem and need an interface to assist them with active node management.

THORNode Management on THORSwap’s webapp and desktop app has many features to assist Nodes in managing the cross-chain future, such as:

🛅 Diverse wallet support — Manage your node with more wallet integrations such as connecting ledger, trustwallet, and xdefi. p.s the team will continue to integrate more and more wallets.

🔒 Node Management Transactions — Bond, Unbond and Leave.

📟 Node Status — See the status of your node, activity, IP address, rewards, slash, bonding amount, and current active block.

🥇 Node Information — See Node Details by selecting a Node from the list.

🔱 Live statistics — bonding APY, total bonded, avg bonded, next churn height.

How to navigate THORNode

⚡ More wallet support

⚡Add Nodes to your Watch List

⚡ Node Network Status

⚡Activity of Nodes (Active, standby or disabled)

⚡ Node Detail page

⚡ Node Management Transactions (bond, unbond, leave)

Node Management using manual address input

  1. Click Manage button below

2. Input Thornode Address and choose a type of Node transaction

3. Complete Node Transaction

Thank you for securing the network Node Operators. We hope you enjoy this tool to manage your node all from one interface 💪. We will continue to improve THORSwap, the THORNode management tool, and add diverse wallet support for Nodes.


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