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THORSwap Releases 10 New Features and Improvements

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4 min readSep 16, 2021


We listened to the community and released improved features, new UI layouts, and other upgrades to THORSwap.

We are thrilled to release new features and improvements to coincide with THORChain’s network recovery.

THORSwap launched on April 13th, became a primitive interface to THORChain’s Multi-Chain ChaosNet (MCCN), and has been constantly shipping new features, adding new wallet integrations and growing the community.

During the THORChain Audit period, THORSwap builders have been focused on solving the most significant problems in the multi-chain user experience, to provide a smooth and professional interface for the THORChad community.

  1. New UI Layout with a Sidebar! 🔮

New Sidebar was introduced to provide both a professional experience and easy-to-navigate UI.

Users can navigate all pages from the sidebar and collapse the sidebar to expand the main view.

Sidebar expanded
Collapsed Sidebar

2. New wallet integrations 🛅

For any DEX interface, it’s important to provide many wallet options.

The most active DeFi users use their Ethereum wallets on a daily basis. We have integrated 14 more Ethereum compatible wallets.

Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey, Coinbase Wallet, Portis, etc

3. New wallet views 📟

THORSwap is more than just a DEX interface. We also provide comprehensive wallet management so users can manage their multi-chain crypto assets in one place, without switching UIs.

We have created a new dashboard for your wallets, so you can:

  • view all your stored assets from multiple wallets in one place
  • see total asset values and total wallet value on the wallet view

i) LIST View

ii) GRID view

4. Wallet Stats 🥇

Wallet stats help you easily recognize changes to your asset balances from your multi-chain wallets.

  • Total Wallet balance (1)
  • 24 Hour Price change (2)
  • 7 Day Price Chart (3)
  • Asset Balance (4)

5. New simultaneous wallet management 🛅

The most innovative updates are flexible wallet management solutions that allow you to use multiple wallets simultaneously.

Unlike single-chain based DEXes, THORSwap handles multi-chain wallets for transactions.

For example, if you wanted to swap Native $ETH into Native $BNB, you would connect an Ethereum wallet and a Binance Chain wallet to perform a native L1 swap .

i.e Connect ETH wallet from Metamask and Connect BNB wallet from Ledger

You can also connect and disconnect multiple chains from a keystore or XDEFI wallet. Select any specific chains to connect and then disconnect any specific chain. An example use case is if you want to disconnect ETH from your keystore wallet in order to connect ETH from your Metamask wallet instead.

Connect and disconnect specific chains from a keystore or XDEFI wallet

When providing liquidity, you can add assets from different wallets. For example, if you want to add liquidity into the ETH:RUNE pool, you can add $ETH liquidity from an Ethereum wallet, and add $RUNE liquidity from a THORChain wallet.

Add liquidity from different wallets

6.⚡ Desktop App Release ⚡
The community asked and we delivered. A new bespoke desktop app for all your cross-chain needs!

The new Desktop App is for users who prefer secure and performant non-browser dApps.

The Desktop App has exactly the same interface and features as the THORSwap web app, including Node management (Bond/Unbond/Leave).

The new THORSwap Desktop App

7. Node management — Manage your node from one interface 💪

THORSwap provides an easy and comprehensive interface for Node Operators.

  • View the status of your node, activity, IP address, rewards, slash, bonding amount, and active block.
  • View Node Details by selecting a Node from the list.
  • Node Management Transactions — Bond, Unbond and Leave.
  • Live statistics — bonding APY, total bonded, avg bonded, next churn height.
THORSwap Node Management

8. Improved Light Mode UI 🖥

THORSwap Light Mode UI

9. Network Status for Multiple Chains 🚨

Since THORChain supports swaps between multiple blockchains, it’s important to display the live status of specific chains.

Users can check if a certain blockchain is online or not by clicking the dropdown.

Network Status

10. Robust infrastructure 🏰

Heavily overloaded DEXes during high traffic is a bad user experience.

THORSwap has greatly strengthened our infrastructure to be more resilient to network overload and congestion.

These infrastructure improvements will be important during high traffic periods like #RAISETHECAPS or IDO events.

THORSwap is the most comprehensive THORChain DEX interface and will continue to build a better experience for all Thor Chads.


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