THORSwap presents: Avalanche 🔺 Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator

1-click Cross-Chain Swap between all Avalanche <> Ethereum ERC-20 and 8 L1 Chains

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5 min readNov 7, 2022

Hot on the heels of our latest Avalanche integration, THORSwap is proud to present the first Avalanche 🔺 Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator — connecting to an additional 180+ Avalanche C-Chain tokens alongside native $AVAX and C-Chain $USDC and $USDT.

By connecting to Avalanche C-Chain pools on Pangolin Exchange, THORSwap users can now fully enter the Avalanche ecosystem. Swap between 180+ Avalanche tokens with 4,800+ on Ethereum and of course, with Layer 1 blockchains such as Bitcoin, Cosmos, Binance Beacon Chain, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, THORChain in one click 💪

This means no more reliance on centralized counterparties, bridges and/or wrapped assets!

To learn more about our Avalanche integration, check out our previous Medium article.

Next up, THORSwap will also support Trader Joe and 1inch liquidity, to offer the full spectrum of assets available on Avalanche at the best price for our users. Read on to learn more!

So what is DEX Aggregation anyway?

To put it simply, THORSwap is now a full-featured Decentralised Exchange for Avalanche tokens — trade your favorite C-Chain tokens with each other and cross-chain to all Ethereum ERC-20s, $BTC and more, with optimized routing for price, slippage and gas.

This is possible by connecting THORChain native LPs with the vast liquidity available on other Decentralized Exchanges and Aggregators (such as: Pangolin, Uniswap V2+V3, SushiSwap, 1inch, 0x Protocol).

Starting today, By connecting your own self-custodial wallet to THORSwap, you can swap native $BTC with an AVAX token such as $PNG. We then pick the best route with lowest slippage — to bring you the best trade in a single transaction ($BTC > $AVAX > $PNG).

Likewise, swapping any AVAX and ETH asset for example could be routed from Uniswap to THORChain to Pangolin (i.e. $UNI> $ETH > $AVAX > $PNG)

As always, all this in a single permissionless self-custodial transaction.

Furthermore, we have implemented frontrunning/ sandwiching/MEV protection for THORSwap cross-chain aggregator on all chains.

This means we have MEV protection for UTXOs, EVMs and IBC! THORChain itself is also MEV resistant. 💪

DEX Aggregation allows THORSwap to offer all the long-tail tokens available on smart contract smart chains, without having to build liquidity from scratch on THORChain. The native gas assets of each chain supported by THORChain acts as the gateway to deep existing liquidity on the Avalanche ecosystem.

In the future, there will be hundreds of blockchains with enormous number of assets and liquidity — each aggregator integration brings exponential growth for THORSwap as the leading Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange of any native asset.

THORSwap Cross-Chain API and SDK

THORSwap now offers our own full featured API+SDK for third party dApps and developers. Our secure solution removes technical barriers for permissionless 1-click native cross-chain swaps — allowing any any protocol can now go multi-chain!

Picture your users using any ETH token/native Bitcoin in your dApp or trading your token 🔥

Our first official partner Pangolin will soon become fully multi-chain through the power of THORChain and cross-chain DEX aggregator enabled by THORSwap API.

Learn more by checking out this recording of our collab twitter space:

Our Cross-Chain API is a developer-friendly layer that also extends past THORChain’s core features. By sourcing multiple liquidity procotols, we ensure users get the best possible rate, accounting for slippage and chain gas fees. By resolving the most efficient paths for asset swaps, our API can harness the combined innovation of existing aggregators to split transactions between different protocols and pools in the shortest possible time.

Some features include (in addition to THORChain APIs):

  • Pathfinder API: resolving the most efficient swaps — splitting across different protocols and even different market depths in the shortest possible time
  • Token List Service
  • Ethereum & Avalanche Aggregator Contracts
  • Cross-Chain SDK: help with using the API and services like the Token List Service
  • Aggregator SDK: facilitates interactions with smart contracts

To learn more about THORSwap’s Cross-Chain API, check out our API docs for more info:

If you’re interested in a integration or have technical questions, please join our Discord where you can find us in the #Developer Channel ✌

THORSwap’s Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator means an end to over-reliance on centralized bridges & wrapped assets for Avalanche users who wish to conduct Cross-Chain swaps with full self-custody. Welcome to the Multi-Chain Future!

For all questions, please visit the THORSwap Docs or ask for support on our Discord via the dedicated #Avalanche channel or our #Support-Desk.

To learn more about THORChain’s technology, please visit the official docs.

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