THORSwap Monthly Report: January 2022


  • $DOGE Launch: DOGE coin landed on THORChain. THORSwap core devs and 9Realms teamed up to ensure a smooth launch of this new L1 Native Chain: $DOGE
  • THORSwap V2 Main DEX: THORSwap App V2 has been revealed on Twitter, a huge update for THORSwap which will soon offer a completely renewed DEX with a professional and intuitive UX
  • Cross-chain Aggregator: Aggregator contract is being developed and integration is on its way.
  • THORYield V2 Improvements and IOS APP: THORYield V2 has seen major bug fixes and improvements. The team has collected community feedback to improve the overall performance of the App and Design, also adding new features such as the currency selector.
  • THOR Force 1: THORForce1 by Vanir Threads launched on, marking down the first ever Community Project launch on THORChads DAO.
  • NEW Hires: THORSwap has added key members to the team.
  • TERRA Integration: Updates on upcoming TERRA Integration on THORChain.
  • Synths: Integrated Synths on StageNet

THORSwap Main DEX App V2

  • THORSwap App V2 teased on Twitter.

Cross-chain Aggregator

  • THORSwap aggregation Router contracts are whitelisted on testnet and being tested.
  • THORSwap took the initiative to build the aggregator utilising the router contract which is specifically compatible with THORChain.
  • Custom routing on ETH. In one tx users can swap long-tail ERC20 token to any chain on THORChain i.e swap $SHIBU to Native $DOGE

Terra Integration

  • Integrated TERRA chain to get ready for upcoming Terra integration.
  • Terra Station Wallet integrated on THORSwap App:

THORYield App V2 Updates:

Some major bugs were discovered in January as the work continues to fix Global LP Earnings calculations, here’s the list of what has been fixed/improved this month:

  • Fixed Sidebar for devices with small height
  • Updated wordmarks links with icons
  • Improvements to the TX Tracker timer and UI/UX
  • [NEW] Added Support for $DOGE in Wallet Balance and LPs.
    (TERRA Support Coming Soon)
  • [NEW] Forex Currencies Selector
    Added support for GBP/EUR/JPY Currencies on both iOS App and WebApp.
  • [NEW] Backend V2 Migration
    We migrated the Backend of the iOS App, so to offer consistent results along with other THORYield products such as the Discord BOT and the WebApp
  • Impermanent Loss Protection (ILP) Calculation is now more accurate.

THORYield iOS App:

  • Progress on iOS App development
  • Integrated backend-V2, bringing more accuracy in calculations.
  • Android in development as well [Expected Release in Q1]
  • Teased THORYield V2 New Design

$DOGE coin Launch:

  • Launched DOGE on THORSwap
  • Integrated DOGE into xchainjs, shared our integration back upstream with the public xchainjs-repo
DOGE coin is NOW LIVE on THORSwap.

DOGE holders can finally earn DeFi yields by depositing DOGE liquidity on THORChain. DEX trading fees give you DOGE yields on your DOGE holdings.
To support DOGE landing on THORSwap, our Content manager prepared videos tutorials for easy onboarding of newcomers.

Olympus Pro

  • We surpassed $1M Total Bonded Value (TBV)!
  • We reached an ATH POL at $965,841
  • ETH.RUNE was converted to bond nodes for the churn in (hence why TBV dropped

New Hires:

Team is growing up rapidly. More talented builders joined THORSwap to become a part of the journey towards multi-chain.

THORSwap is actively looking for new talents to join the Team to achieve next mission’s goals, Apply now.


  • Activated SYNTHS on Stagenet. Get ready for THORGames: Synths!

THOR Force 1 Launch through THORChadsDAO:

To kick off the year THORChadsDAO launched its first community project in partnership with Vanir Threads: THOR Force 1 - an NFT drop redeemable for a physical pair of handcrafted edition of 222 custom sneakers.

We offered exclusive giveaways for THORChad Score users and holders of 2x THORChads NFT Trophies were rewarded with a 10% minting discount.

THORSwap team will keep up releasing the monthly update from now on. Stay tuned THORChads!

About THORSwap

THORSwap is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by multi-chain THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

THORSwap App:
Telegram Announcement:

About THORChads DAO

The rewards programme and Metaverse home for THORChads, where the community can enjoy community projects like NFTs and games. will support new creative community projects with marketing, dev support, and more.




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