THORSwap Monthly Report: February 2022


  • THORChads Merch Store: Exclusive limited edition swag celebrating the THORChain Community.
  • Ledger Wallet BTC and UTXO Chains: THORSwap is the 1st to support Ledger Wallet Bitcoin and UTXO Chains (BCH, LTC, DOGE).
  • TERRA Luna is Coming Soon: LUNA and UST Pools Live on THORSwap Stagenet + #RUNEPass giveaways.
  • Introducing #EngageToEarn: earn crypto by learning about THORChain and helping fellow community members.
  • THORSwap V2 UI Reveal: New UI/UX improvements revealed.
  • THORSwap Aggregator in beta: Swap long-tail ERC20 for any THORChain-supported asset.
  • vTHOR is complete and in review.
  • THORYield Updates: Announced Android Support (ETA Late-March), Fixed Fees Earn display, Fixed DOGE LP Display, Added support for LUNA/UST in Wallet Balance, LP Calculator.
  • THORChain Video Tutorials: New step-by-step video tutorials for newcomers to the THORChain Ecosystem.

THORChads Merch Store Launch

February saw the launch of the official THORChads Merch Store. Here you will find official THORSwap Merch, collabs with DeFi partners and exclusive limited edition drops celebrating key milestones in the THORChain Community.

The THORChads Merch Store is a wholly Web3 Experience, merch can be purchased using $RUNE, $THOR, $ETH and stablecoins.

Ledger Wallet support for Bitcoin + UTXO Chains

One of the top community requests — we’ve integrated Ledger Wallet support for Bitcoin + UTXO Chains (BCH, LTC, DOGE)!

THORSwap is the first THORChain interface to Swap and Add Liquidity with your Ledger hardware wallet.

TERRA Luna is Coming Soon

After the successful launch of Dogecoin last month, we’ve been working hard to prepare for the integration of TERRA Luna on THORChain.

LUNA and UST Pools are live and undergoing robust testing and auditing on THORSwap Stagenet — we can’t wait to welcome our favourite stablecoin!

We are also collaborating with our favourite TERRA community members to help onboard #LUNAtics to THORChain. Leading up to the launch, a number of exclusive #RUNEPasses will be given away on Twitter — each containing $RUNE and $UST ready to be LP’d on THORSwap. Keep an eye on our Twitter for a chance to win!

Introducing #EngageToEarn

Join our Discord:

We announced the launch of our new #EngageToEarn initiatives in the THORSwap Discord to reward you for engaging and learning about the THORChain ecosystem. A variety of interactive challenges and trivia competitions will be held across all time zones — rewarding community members in $UST.

Our mod team is also tipping $UST to community members who provide valuable contributions and help other Discord members.

Join our Discord to earn!

THORSwap V2 UI Reveal

We’ve heard your community feedback, and it has played a critical role in developing THORSwap DEX App V2 — releasing soon.

The fresh modern design of V2 will provide a user-friendly experience for Cross-Chain Swaps and Liquidity Management.

THORSwap Aggregator and vTHOR

THORSwap’s v1 Aggregator is currently in BETA testing.

THORSwap aggregator will be the first cross-chain aggregator in the crypto sphere and users will be able to swap between any THORChain supported blockchain and long-tail ERC20 tokens — i.e swap SHIB to native $BTC

vTHOR staking is complete and currently in review.

THORYield Updates

THORYield saw many updates improving the stability and performance of the App. The ‘Fee Earn’ display error (caused by a server issue) has been fixed.

Additionally, we updated the UI for Accounts management with a much smoother UX when saving multiple accounts to THORYield.

The Accounts page has been overhauled and the Fees Earn chart removed as this further improves the performance and loading speed of the App.

Our new LP Calculator has been released on THORYield, we’ve partnered with our friends at LP University to develop this tool for the THORChain Ecosystem. You can now easily predict future yield returns in Liquidity Pools with detailed stats:

Development for THORYield Android App is underway and will be released in March. Stay tuned for further updates.

After the release of THORYield Android App, our main focus will be a total UI overhaul. A completely redesigned THORYield V2 App is coming, with a modern interface and improved UX, and will include a Learning section for THORChain. Here’s a teaser:

Step-by-Step THORChain Video Tutorials

Check out the new step-by-step tutorial videos on Youtube:

The THORSwap Community will continue to release new tutorial videos. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on the latest educational content:

About THORSwap

THORSwap is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by multi-chain THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

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About THORChads DAO

The rewards programme and Metaverse home for THORChads, where the community can enjoy community projects like NFTs and games. will support new creative community projects with marketing, dev support, and more.

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