THORSwap Monthly Recap: September 2022

New THORSwap Homepage, $THOR Discount Tiers and Emissions Adjustment, Hyve Integration and more!

THORSwap Homepage Design Update

After finally entering a new Cross-chain DEX Aggregator era, we decided to give our homepage a fresh makeover to celebrate the momentous occasion. Visitors can now directly start searching for any token we support directly from the homepage ✌

$vTHOR Discount Tiers & Emissions Adjustment

As promised, we’re formalizing THORSwap Exchange Fee discounts for $vTHOR holders. Depending on your HODL amount, you will be eligible for a discount of 17~100% off Exchange Fees when trading on THORSwap 🔥

$THOR Integration on HYVE

Our protocol token $THOR is now integrated on HYVE — a leading Web3 Work freelancing marketplace.

THORSwap Rewards Recap

Here’s the latest recap of vTHOR rewards distribution:

THORSwap featured in…

THORSwap Twitter Space Q&A Recordings

September 15 Twitter Space
September 29 Twitter Space

THORSwap Web App Update Notes


  • [Feature]: LUVI APR for pools on dashboard
  • [Feature] MetaMask AVAX Integration
  • [UI]: Wallet drawer action buttons
  • [Fix] Contract interaction fixes for Keystore & Ledger
  • [Misc] UI optimization and miscellaneous bug fixes


  • [FEAT] Transaction Manager revamp.
  • [UPDATE]: XDEFI & MetaMask can now work simultaneously when XDEFI is deprioritised.
  • [FEAT]: XDEFI Solana support.
  • [FIX]: Legacy $THOR staking contract harvest.
  • [FIX]: ERC20 token ‘Approve’ to spend changes to ‘Swap’ button after confirmation + TX tracker updates/complete correctly.
  • [FIX]: Ledger Litecoin & Dogecoin support.
  • [FIX]: Purchase THORName TNS via Keystore wallet.


  • [FEAT] vTHOR Discount Tiers
  • [FIX]: Create liquidity now auto balance inputs
  • [FIX]: Swap route selection
  • [FIX]: Ledger RUNE integration
  • [FIX]: Dashboard chart resize UI bugs
  • [FIX]: Transaction manager completed data now properly formatted
  • [FIX]: THORSafe Multi-sig edgecase actions

Coming up next…

Avalanche $AVAX integration

After a slight delay, Avalanche ($AVAX) will finally arrive on THORSwap within a matter of days.

Avalanche ARC-20 DEX Aggregator

THORSwap Earn (Single-sided Yield)

We’re on the precipice of releasing another one of the biggest innovations in DeFi: Single-side yield of Native $BTC.

About THORSwap

THORswap is a multi-chain DEX Aggregator built on THORChain’s cross-chain liquidity protocol and the flagship interface for all THORChain services. Perform permissionless cross-chain swaps right from your own self-custodied wallet. Learn more at


The rewards programme and Metaverse home for THORChads, where the community can enjoy community projects like NFTs and games. will support new creative community projects with marketing, dev support, and more.



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