THORSwap Monthly Recap: October 2022

AVAX LP/Swap launch, AVAX DEX Aggregator Launch, New Partnerships & Integrations.

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4 min readNov 7, 2022

Welcome back THORChads, Regardless of the market conditions, we continue to deliver DeFi’s Multi-Chain future. Read onwards for a recap of October and what’s coming next.

This month THORSwap team has been quietly laying the groundwork for some of the most important features and partnerships for us as a protocol.

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AVAX LP/Swap Launch

On October 4th, $AVAX has been launched, with the launch of another major L1 Blockchain, as of today you can trade over 8 L1’s + over 4,800 ERC20s by using our very own DEX Aggregator.

Alongside Keystore wallet, we integrated MetaMask and Ledger hardware wallet as well as multi-chain wallet interface XDEFI for you to connect and manage your Avalanche assets for full self-custody. Learn more in this dedicated press release.

AVAX DEX Aggregator Launch

It’s finally here, our full-featured Decentralised Exchange for Avalanche ($AVAX) tokens — Our users can now connect their self-custodial wallets to THORSwap and swap native $BTC with an AVAX token such as $PNG. We pick the best route with lowest slippage to bring you the best trade in a single transaction ($BTC > $AVAX > $PNG) without using any bridges and as always, all this in a single permissionless self-custodial transaction.

Protocol Emission Adjustments

Continuing our path to sustainable yield, we have further reduced block emissions from 7 per block to 6 per block.

New Partnerships & Integrations

We partnered with Brave Wallet in October, adding another multi-chain wallet to our supported wallets on THORSwap.

Alongside Brave Wallet, we also partnered with Pangolin DEX.
Pangolin is a DEX based on AVAX which is integrating our API to enable cross-chain swaps using our DEX Aggregator. Pangolin users will be able to swap from any ARC-20 to $DOGE, $ATOM, $BTC, $LTC, $BCH, $AVAX, $ETH and over 3,500 ERC20s tokens by using our Aggregator.

Learn more by listening to the recording of our special twitter space featuring Pangolin CEO Justin Trollip:

THORSwap has also been added to a number of top DeFi tracker protocols:

AVAX Launch hoodie Merch Release

To celebrate the arrival of Avalanche, we’ve created an exclusive Limited Edition (50 only) Avalanche X THORChain Hoodie. Collectors will also be airdropped an NFT of the artwork!

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Coming up next…

We’re on the precipice of releasing another one of the biggest innovations in DeFi: Single-side yield of Native $BTC.

Powered by THORChain Yield-bearing Synths. Soon everyone can Earn $BTC on $BTC, $ETH on $ETH and more without exposure to $RUNE.

The BUIDL never stops at THORSwap 💪 The upcoming coming months will be some of the most important for THORSwap protocol thus far — stay tuned THORChads, we’re going to take DeFi to the next level ✌

Wallet Connect V2 and AVAX via Trust Wallet

WalletConnect V2 will allow users to connect to EVM and also non-EVM chains supported by Trust Wallet like Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and many others. We’re working to integrate WalletConnect V2 on THORSwap to enable more chains by using Trust Wallet! Stay Tuned!

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