THORSwap Monthly Recap: June 2022

Messari Report, Cross Chain Expo & Consensus 2022, THORChain Mainnet, THORMug, THORName Launch, LP Tutorials, WebApp update notes and more! ⚡

Messari Crypto report on THORSwap

Cross Chain Expo & Consensus 2022

THORChain Transitions to Mainnet

4 years in the making, after over a year of Chaosnet hardening, undergoing battle tests and integrating new chains — THORChain officially transitioned to Mainnet!⚡ Read all about it on the THORChain Medium.

THORName Launch

THORSwap listed on FTX Signal

Yield Earning Tutorials

Still HODL-ing strong, looking to buy the dip? We released a number of LP and Swap tutorials on our Community YouTube Channel:

$THOR is now listed on Ledger Live!

Terra Luna Resolution

THORChain protocol has completed the Ragnarok process (removal of Terra Chain + liquidity pools) from the network. All LPs have been withdrawn/ sent back to providers in the same manner as they were deposited with ILP applied. For more info see THORChain’s medium article.

THORSwap Web App Update Notes


  • THOR Nodes screen migrated from V1
  • Vesting screen migrated from V1
  • Solana integration with Phantom and via key store
  • Wallet modal revamp
  • Fix total fee no longer being subtracted from output amount
  • Add min amount for outbound ETH swap based network fee
  • Language menu list now shows flags on Windows too
  • Few vThor fixes


  • Announcements Redesign
  • Redesign Wallet Chain selection
  • Add Solana USDC SPL Support
  • Show TX fee tokens on confirmation
  • Fix XDEFI & MetaMask priority recognition when both are in use.
  • Fix fetching ETH values for alts on Card view
  • UI Fixes for sidebar & tooltip
  • Further performance optimisations for first page load

Coming up next…

Cosmos ($ATOM) ⚛

Cosmos integration on THORChain is coming right around the corner, we have fully tested on Stagenet and ready to deploy to Mainnet interface as soon as it’s enabled 💪

THORYield V2.0 mobile app

The long-awaited THORYield Mobile App v2.0 is launching on July 15th for both iOS and Android users via a major Update.

ETH DEX Aggregator

THORSwap’s ETH Aggregator has been thoroughly audited and continues to be tested internally by the Team.
Stay tuned in our discord for further updates!

THORChain Multisig Service

Another long-awaited feature for the THORChain ecosystem. Multisig enables high security for pooled nodes, e.g. DAOs can run a THORNode using multisig, add liquidity or swap synth or cross-chain assets using multi-sig with enhanced security, here’s a sneak peek:

About THORSwap

THORSwap is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by multi-chain THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.


The rewards programme and Metaverse home for THORChads, where the community can enjoy community projects like NFTs and games. will support new creative community projects with marketing, dev support, and more.



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