THORSwap Monthly Recap: January 2023

Emissions Reduction, 1INCH AVAX Launch, $THOR Token burn, Ledger live App and What’s next for THORSwap.

THORSwap Finance
2 min readJan 31, 2023

Emissions Reduction

Following our commitment to move towards a 100% sustainable yield driven by cross-chain swapping fees, the protocol emissions have been further reduced to 4 $THOR per block, down from 15 $THOR per block in May 2022. #RealYield

1INCH $AVAX Launch

$THOR Token Burn Proposal

After a long consultation process listening to a lot of constructive feedback, here is the draft of a comprehensive $THOR Burn Proposal: This new public forum will also serve as the destination for all $THOR community proposals going forward. We welcome ideas from all community members to discuss how $THOR can progress forward in a sustainable, decentralized manner. Please leave your comprehensive comments and feedback on the forum.

Ledger Live Discovery App

Work on integrating THORSwap into the Ledger Live app is underway. Once development is complete, the app will need to be approved by Ledger before it is available for users. Stay tuned for updates as things progress.

What’s next for THORSwap

  1. Slip optimizer that will recommend splitting txn touching thorchain (both for swaps & savers)
  2. New liquidity sources not previously covered by our current aggregators
  3. Transaction tracker

About THORSwap

THORswap is a multi-chain DEX Aggregator built on THORChain’s cross-chain liquidity protocol and the flagship interface for all THORChain services. Perform permissionless cross-chain swaps right from your own self-custodied wallet. Learn more at

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