THORSwap Monthly Recap: April 2022

THORSwap V2 Launch; THORYield’s App Store Launch; THORSwap’s Q2 Roadmap Update; vTHOR (Staking 2.0); THORSwap Aggregator;

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4 min readMay 2, 2022


THORSwap v2 launch!

V2 app has been launched with the easy-to-use and user-friendly Trading and LP experience.

THORYield’s App Store Launch

The THORYield iOS App has been published on App Store, leaving the TestFlight BETA Program behind us.
Users can download THORYield app from the official Apple’s App Store.

THORSwap Q2 Roadmap Update:

The THORSwap’s Q2 roadmap has been revealed in our recent article, here’s a recap of what has been revealed and what is coming in the Q2 / Q3.

  • THORSwap DEX V2:
    We processed over $1B in transactions and monthly active users crossed 75k. We released our long awaited THORSwap App V2 where we vastly improved the UI/UX for our users.
  • vTHOR & Staking 2.0
    The new staking model for $THOR holders signifies a transition from the current emissions-based community incentives, to a sustainable revenue based model. Daily auto-compounding, yield bearing, gas-efficient, fee-sharing, accruing yield from buybacks are just some of the benefits to allow holders to partake in the rapid growth of THORSwap.
  • Cross-Chain Aggregator
    THORSwap is building the world’s first Cross-chain aggregation protocol by utilizing THORChain and integrating additional bridges to access liquidity across all chains. The Aggregator will expand support for
    cross-chain swaps between different blockchains such Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Terra, Solana, IBC, and more.
    The THORSwap Aggregator is expected to be rolled out in multiple phases.
  • Cross-chain focused Hammer Wallet

Discord AMA (Recording is available on YouTube):

On Thursday 21st we held an AMA in our Discord Community, you can check out the recording on our YouTube Community Channel.

Here are the main topics the team went through during the AMA:

  • Aggregator V1 is complete and audited
  • Pathfinder API is in beta testing
  • vTHOR launch on early May
  • 0.3% of Exchange fee on THORChain swaps starting from ~25th April
  • 75% of revenues will be shared with vTHOR holders as Staking Rewards
  • Cross-chain Hammer wallet

Affiliate Revenue:

On Monday, April 25th we turned on the 0.3% exchange fees, THORSwap has been running fees-free for over 1 year and product revenue is essential for the longevity of the protocol and growth.

75% of revenue generated will be shared with Stakers.

$vTHOR & Staking 2.0:

vTHOR (Staking 2.0) will be launched in early May.

Daily auto-compounding, yield bearing, gas-efficient, fee-sharing, accrue yield from buybacks and sustainable. The new staking model for THOR holders is here and it signifies a change from an inflationary model, that has existed until now, to a revenue based one that stops emissions.

Stakers will receive 75% of THORSwap’s revenue and it will be continuously compounding daily!

THORSwap’s $TOKE Bond Program launch on Olympus Pro

Liquidity efficiency is a win-win for both protocol and community and we added $TOKE bonds as a part of our strategic plan.

[Merch Drop💧] LP University Discite Lucrari College Sweater

Finally, to celebrate the 1st year Anniversary of THORChain #MCCN (Multi-we dropped a merch collaboration with a true community OG — LP University! 🎓

Plenty of us have graduated from their teachings, so here’s the chance to rock your alumni qualifications with style with this Limited Edition College Sweater:

Designed by Vanir Threads (creators of the THOR Force 1). The LPU College Sweater is Limited Edition of 100 (as always, all LE merch comes with a free NFT airdrop after purchase).

See you next month — we’ll never stop BUIDL-ing 💪

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