THORSwap launches Ethereum (ERC-20) Cross-Chain Aggregator 🚀

Permissionlessly swap 4,800+ ERC-20 tokens across 8+ blockchains in a single transaction, right from your own self-custodied wallets.

Why DEX Aggregation?

Next-Gen DEX Aggregator

  • Trustlessly swap native crypto assets, without risk of centralized counterparties or bridges locking your assets.
  • Connect to deep liquidity from top providers across Ethereum network and THORChain.
  • Self-custodial wallets means you are always in control of you own assets.
  • Access to additional THORChain product offerings such as permissionless liquidity pooling across multiple chains and synthetic assets — with our unique ‘Impermanent Loss Protection’ feature.

What Makes THORSwap Different?

THORSwap Pathfinder API and Aggregator SDK

  • Pathfinder API: resolving the most efficient swaps — splitting across different protocols and even different market depths in the shortest possible time)
  • Token List Service
  • Ethereum Aggregator Contracts
  • Cross-Chain SDK: help with using the API and services like the Token List Service
  • Aggregator SDK: facilitates interactions with smart contracts

What’s Next?

About THORSwap




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