THORSwap Integrates Arbitrum via Chainflip: Expanding Cross-chain Liquidity Routes 🔀

Seamlessly swap between $ETH + $USDC on Arbitrum <> Native Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and more🔥

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4 min readJun 27, 2024

Exciting news! THORSwap is pleased to announce the integration of leading Ethereum L2 — Arbitrum, powered by SwapKit via the Chainflip cross-chain liquidity network. This represents a new source of Arbitrum liquidity available to THORSwap users, in addition to Maya Protocol.

Assets available for cross-chain trading via Chainflip route now include:

  • Native Bitcoin ($BTC)
  • Native Polkadot ($DOT)
  • Native Ether ($ETH), $FLIP, $USDC, $USDT
  • $ETH and $USDC on Arbitrum

All done via the same 1-transaction experience our users have come to know and love! Connect your self-custodial wallets and give it a try today on THORSwap.

Unlocking New Possibilities with Arbitrum

Arbitrum One, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain renowned for its high throughput and low transaction costs, is currently the leading ETH layer 2 by TVL (Total Value Locked) and transaction volume. With Chainflip’s integration of Arbitrum, THORSwap users can now execute cross-chain swaps seamlessly between $ETH and $USDC on Arbitrum and Native Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot assets, enjoying the benefits of faster transactions and reduced gas fees.

Multi-Chain Wallet Support

Alongside Keystore wallet, THORSwap supports many Arbitrum wallet interfaces, allowing you to connect, manage, and have complete self-custody over your Arbitrum assets:

Browser Extension:
Metamask, XDEFI, Trust Wallet, OKX Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Brave Wallet

Trust Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and other wallets via WalletConnect V2

Hardware Wallets:
Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey

How to Swap Arbitrum on THORSwap

Swap Arbitrum today via

It’s a breeze to swap for Abitrum Assets on THORSwap, simply:

Step 1. Visit and connect your Arbitrum Wallet, or set up a non-custodial “Keystore wallet”. For other chains see our general overview video guide.

THORSwap supports multiple wallet connections at once, this means you can use MetaMask for Arbitrum and Ledger for BTC 👌

Step 2. Select the asset you want to exchange for/to Arbitrum
Step 3. Select the quantity you want to swap
Step 4. Check the swap rate and fees. Then click “Swap” to confirm!

Powered by Chainflip x SwapKit

The integration is made possible through the Chainflip cross-chain liquidity protocol, a trailblazing network designed to facilitate smooth and secure asset exchanges across different blockchains. Chainflip allows THORSwap users to access Arbitrum’s ecosystem in a non-custodial manner without compromising on security or efficiency.

Read our Chainflip article to learn more.

Central to this integration is SwapKit, a comprehensive toolkit that powers the entire THORSwap techstack. SwapKit SDK ensures that the integration with Arbitrum via Chainflip is not only seamless but also robust, providing a reliable infrastructure for cross-chain transactions. This means users can enjoy a frictionless trading experience on THORSwap, whilst other projects can also easily integrate via SwapKit SDK.

Read our dedicated SwapKit article to learn more.

THORSwap x Chainflip Merch

As a reminder, we previously released an exclusive Limited Edition (50 only) THORSwap x Chainflip Hoodie. Collectors will also be airdropped an NFT of the artwork!

Building for the Multi-Chain Present, Improving the Multi-Chain Future

THORSwap’s integration of Arbitrum via Chainflip is a testament to our commitment to connecting cross-chain liquidity in a decentralized manner. By continually expanding our liquidity routes, we offer users the best price execution for the assets they desire.

Our new Arbitrum route is just another milestone in a long line of chain integrations to come. THORSwap is dedicated to exploring new opportunities and integrations that will bring value to users and expanding the capability of SwapKit SDK. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to build the future of decentralized finance together with the best cross-chain protocols in Crypto.

Start trading Arbitrum today on THORSwap, see you there! 👋

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