THORSwap graduates from Sanctor Turbo mentorship program

About THORSwap

Sanctor Turbo Alpha Class

Sanctor Turbo is a tailored accelerator experience, pairing teams with 25+ mentors from top crypto entities to help solidify product, tokenomics and go-to-market strategy.

During our six-week journey, THORSwap worked with an incredible roster of mentors.

We’d like to thank our mentors for their invaluable contributions:

Demo Day Reveal on September 14th

Sanctor Turbo, a six-week mentorship program for blockchain projects, will be hosting its first Demo Day on September 14th 2021. The inaugural cohort that will be debuting at the virtual event was hand-selected and mentored by industry experts from Coinbase, Solana, Coinfund, Huobi Global, Spark Digital Capital, and more in preparation for their next big step: going to market. As a reflection of the leading trends in crypto this year, projects span the domains of decentralized content ownership, cross-chain DeFi, and on-chain asset management.

Event attendees will be the first to preview production-ready dApps and platforms before they launch, and have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders such as Solana Labs CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko; creator of Yearn Finance and Keep3r, Andre Cronje; Jump Trading’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Kanav Kariya; Co-founder and CEO of Arweave, Sam Williams; Director of Special Projects at Jump Trading, Hendrik Hofstadt; Director of News at The Block, Frank Chaparro; Founder of Synchrony, Andrew Fraser; Editor at Large at Cointelegraph, Jon Rice; NFT Artist, Kevin Abosch; Technical Lead at THORChain, Chad Barraford; CEO of Moonbeam, Derek Yoo; and Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital, Tushar Jain.

During this virtual event, we will unveil the first look at THORSwap’s new product updates, as well as two brand new apps.

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