THORSwap Feature Update #1

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4 min readMay 10, 2021


New Features / Improvements added after launch

We listened to you. We upgraded THORswap with new and improved features!

Greetings Thorchads 🔱

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for providing feedback on how we can improve THORSwap! We have added many features and fixed many mishaps. We could have not done it without your contribution, without this amazing community, and without all of you believing in our vision.

With your continued support and trust, we are on the road to becoming the best decentralized exchange in the world.


In order for us to listen, you need to be heard — so join our⚡ DISCORD.

We are fully committed to being community orientated. We are committed to continuously innovate THORSwap and improve our UX until it is perfect and effortless.

Discord will be the 🥇 place for the THORSwap community. It is where the community meets to engage, prosper and innovate. It is our Valhalla.

Improvements you suggested that we have made.

  1. Better Fees Handling 💸

We have implemented better fee handling for swaps, adding liquidity, and sending transactions.

Check your:
Transaction Fee.
- Network Fee
- Total Fee (sum of both transaction + network fee in USD)

You can also see the total fee value in USD ($).

2. Liquidity Dashboard 🏆

- You can check pending liquidity deposits by searching your Thor or Asset address.
- Recover pending transactions.
- See the number of pending deposits for each pool.

Check it out:

3. We added a Liquidity Chart🚀

Multi-chain Liquidity Chart is available on THORSwap now.

4. Integrated wallets 🔐


If you haven’t already set it up, we recommend you do! Click this lil guy 🐙 to get started!

🛅 Trust Wallet will be integrated soon, stay tuned!

5. Pending asset withdrawal and withdraw stuck tx when swapping 💭

We added a withdrawal function of pending liquidity assets! If you have a pending asset, then you have two choices either complete or withdraw.

p.s to complete you need to add RUNE asymmetrically.

p.p.s you can use this feature to also withdraw stuck tx when swapping 2 assets.

6. Expert mode 🎓
This is one for the students at LP university!

You can pool 2-Sided assets asymmetrically. i.e 20 BTC + 3 RUNE.
However, you might experience slippage due to rebalancing from depositing asymmetrically.

7. Improved Asset Selector

8. Technical Support 🤗
If you need support or have found a bug then create a ticket in⚡ DISCORD⚡ and our team will be happy to help!

Create a ticket :-)

The average response time is 5 minutes! Sometimes, it can get super busy aka wen #RAISETHECAPS so thank you for being patient!

Jrocwz approves!

We are nearly coming up to being live for 1 MONTH!

In a month we have achieved 55,632 native swaps equaling $305 million in volume! That is a lot of thorchads swapping native assets!

The journey to Asgard has only just begun. ⚡

And our team will never stop until we become the #1 DEX in the world.

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