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5 min readJun 30, 2021

Thorstarter TGE launch

We are extremely excited for Thorstarter’s launch this week and to announce our plans for future collaboration between Thorstarter and THORSwap. Our work together will be vital to the growth of DeFi projects on⚡THORChain’s blockchain.

The Thorstarter strategic sale ($XRUNE) will officially commence with the next estimated cycle churn on July 2nd at 2pm (14:00) UTC , 2021

You can participate in the sale by adding liquidity to XRUNE:RUNE pool!

Read more about the Official Thorstarter Launch Date and TGE Announcement here:

*This exact time is subject to vary slightly due to the churning event. Follow closely for announcements of exact timings on @thorstarter on Twitter and Telegram. The website also has a countdown

Thorstarter will be the first IDO Launchpad on THORChain with the dual purpose of being a liquidity relayer for these new projects and building a prosperous THORChain ecosystem.

Thorstarter will use its token XRUNE as a bridge asset between new projects (IDOs) and THORChain’s liquidity pools. The XRUNE:RUNE pool in THORChain acts as a “liquidity relayer” between short-tail and long-tail assets. This XRUNE model assures users:
1) The ability to efficiently and safely swap long-tail crypto assets
2) That these projects have significant deep liquidity from the get-go
3) Allows any smart contract enabled blockchain to access liquidity from any other EVM-compatible chain (see below).

TC CLP — Thorchain Continous Liquidity Pools, AMM — Automated Market Maker

THORSwap Partnership with Thorstarter

Thorstarter has partnered with THORSwap, the #1 Multi-Chain DEX interface on top of THORChain. THORSwap enables users to swap layer 1 native assets like BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, BCH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, etc. without a centralized custodian.

“Through Thorstarter’s platform and $XRUNE token, users can participate in well-vetted IDO launches that will contribute to the prosperity of the THORChain ecosystem.”

“We are excited to work closely with the THORSwap team to provide users with a better experience when investing in projects building on the THORChain ecosystem. We believe that THORSwap will play an important role in providing greater liquidity to projects ” Compound22 — Thorstarter Team

In summary, the future looks promising with Thorstarter bringing new DeFi projects to THORSwap via XRUNE.

This strategic partnership between Thorstarter and THORSwap aims to provide a frictionless onramp for new projects in THORFi and the tools for projects to thrive and flourish, all of which will strengthen the whole THORChain ecosystem.

THORSwap is the most trusted application for short-tail cross-chain swaps:

  • THORSwap and its predecessor BEPSwap have been operational for more than one year
  • Security-First Implementation
  • Best-in-class 24/7 customer support
  • Comprehensive wallet support
  • THORName service
  • All-in-one tools and features in one application

Thorstarter IDO offers a truly unique experience to new projects:

🚀 Cross-chain compatibility
⚡Access to greater and frictionless liquidity via THORSwap
🔥 A Thorstarter liquidity grant
⚗️ Launch assistance from the TS team
💡 An intuitive investor experience
🌎 Safe launch structure with fair terms
🌕 THORChain network effects

How to participate in the Thorstarter XRUNE Sale

Anyone can participate. You just need the following:

1. XDEFI Wallet set up

If you do not already have it installed, Download XDEFI Wallet as Chrome Web Extension with Referral Code — Case Sensitive: THORStarter or THORSwap

2. Once you have XDEFI Wallet installed, you will need Native RUNE (THOR.RUNE)

- If you have BEP2 RUNE / ERC20 RUNE, you must upgrade to Native RUNE
- Or you may purchase Native RUNE from THORSwap with any of the assets currently listed on THORChain.

Steps to acquire XRUNE during Strategic Sale (assuming you now have XDEFI Wallet and Native RUNE ready in XDEFI Wallet):

1. Go to the Strategic Sale page on the Thorstarter website
2. Connect XDEFI Wallet
3. Deposit RUNE in the XRUNE:RUNE Liquidity pool

There will be two confirmation pop up on XDEFI Wallet
- One for ETH Transaction with 1 XRUNE Deposit
- 2nd one for THORChain Transaction with Native RUNE Deposit


  • For the One-time deposit, please make sure you have sufficient ETH gas fee and have 0.02 RUNE left for gas fee, at minimum.
  • Token listing price: $0.01 / XRUNE. This is not fixed. Price could go up and down according to the usual market supply and demand conditions.-
  • Total XRUNE supply is 75 Million during Strategic Sales.

The Strategic Sale will be closed when any one of the conditions is met, whichever comes to fruition first.

  1. THORChain Multichain Caps Limit reached
  2. 2. THORStarter all 75Mil XRUNE are sold
  3. 3. At the Strategic Sale end date (around 2.5 days from start date)

⚡️ For Full Guide to Thorstarter XRUNE Public Sale (Strategic)⚡️

Do NOT attempt to buy XRUNE before an official announcement is made in the Thorstarter channels, as there are several scams operating. The only website associated with Thorstarter is Please beware!

⚡️ Website:
⚡️ Telegram:
⚡️ Telegram ANN:
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⚡️ Blog:

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