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THORSwap lays the foundation for stronger protocol tokenomics and future growth ⚡

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3 min readSep 28, 2022
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The THORSwap community’s voice has been heard!

Today we officially introduces two new bold updates to $THOR tokenomics and Staking rewards. These changes signify our commitment to a more sustainable model based on Real Yield fee-sharing with the community 🤝

Introducing: $vTHOR Discount Tiers

When we launched $THOR Staking 2.0 in May, we celebrated THORSwap’s 1-year anniversary and the launch of $vTHOR with a limited time promotion of 100% discount on THORSwap Exchange fees for $vTHOR holders.

Today this promotion will be replaced with the introduction of a new formalized on-going feature: $vTHOR Discount Tiers.

Depending on your $vTHOR HODL amount, you will be eligible for a discount of 17~100% off Exchange Fees when trading on THORSwap.

See the breakdown below:

It’s important to remember:

$vTHOR holders receive 75% of THORSwap revenue in the form of #RealYield. This change means more rewards for $THOR stakers, while still providing our loyal community members with sizable trading discount benefit.

Furthermore, swaps of below $100USD in value will still remain free for all users.

NOTE: You must connect your ETH wallet holding $vTHOR to receive exchange fee discounts.

Emissions Adjustment

To ensure a more sustainable and less inflationary emission model, starting from today:

THORSwap will reduce staking emissions by approximately 50% from 15 $THOR per block to 7 $THOR per block.

In the spirit of decentralization, $THOR was designed to be decentralized and majority (65%) community owned from the beginning: with 50% total supply allocated towards Community Incentives.

Rest assured: the $THOR token supply delegated to the community remain designated for that purpose, stay tuned for future updates 🤝

In the future as swap revenue increases (in turn growing $vTHOR fee-share rewards), we will continue to taper this downward in an on-going effort to transition away from inflationary emissions and towards real yield.

Looking Ahead

Our sustainable yield has remained consistent at around 5% APY for the past three months (July, August and September). As Sustainable Real Yield is generated purely from THORSwap’s revenue fee-sharing mechanism, this is creates huge positive feedback for our community. A steady 5% APY of native yield situates THORSwap into the top revenue-generating protocols in the whole of DeFi.

These two steps — $vTHOR Discount Tiers & Emissions Adjustment — are important steps towards a sustainable protocol with sustainable yield. We will continue explore and introduce new deflationary mechanisms for $THOR together with the community. These include new revenue streams, API partnerships, launching more chain integrations and expanding our DEX Aggregator (support for Avalanche ARC-20 longtail assets coming soon).

Thank you to all $THOR and $vTHOR holders for believing in our vision to build the best Decentralized Cross-chain Exchange. We will continue to lay the foundations for the future of DeFi — the road ahead isn’t easy, but look how far we’ve come! 💪

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