Seamless Cross-Chain Trading: THORSwap Welcomes Maya Protocol 🍫

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6 min readApr 30, 2024

The wait is finally over. THORChads rejoice — the Maya Tribe joins us in DeFi Valhalla! 🍻

THORSwap is excited to announce a new integration with Maya Protocol, a state-of-the-art cross-chain liquidity network and friendly fork of THORChain. Powered by SwapKit, THORSwap users can now interact with liquidity across 14 leading blockchains, three cross-chain protocols and 11 decentralized exchanges and aggregators.

New supported chains include: Arbitrum One ($ARB), Kujira ($KUJI), Dash and MAYAChain ($CACAO), along with new liquidity routes for Bitcoin, Ethereum and THORChain ($RUNE).

This integration further expands interoperability and liquidity for THORSwap as the one-stop DeFi platform, fulfilling our goal of allowing all users to interact with a broader array of blockchain networks and assets seamlessly in a non-custodial manner.

Explore the new possibilities with Maya Protocol on THORSwap: Start Trading Now!

Maya Protocol’s Vision and Commitment

Maya, a friendly fork of THORChain, holds a complementary mission focused on Decentralization and Security, Cross-Chain Interoperability, Sustainability, and Scalability, ultimately serving the roles of both centralized and decentralized exchanges without inheriting the associated drawbacks. Learn more on the Maya Documentation and Whitepaper.

Aaluxx, Founder of Maya Protocol, shared his enthusiasm for THORSwap’s Maya integration:

“THORSwap has been one of the leaders for intuitive & easy to use UIs for THORChain since BEPSwap and beyond. They’ve overcome many challenges and have exceeded expectations all around, and I’m excited for the eyes, volume, value & dev potential they will bring to the Maya ecosystem & broader cross chain DEX industry. This is only the beginning. We disrupt CEX one step at a time, and this is a large step to get us there.”

Key Innovations of Maya Protocol:

Designed with cutting-edge features, Maya Protocol significantly enhances the cross-chain trading experience. As a friendly fork of THORChain, it shares many technical innovations that enable cross-chain swaps without the need for wrapping assets, managing funds directly in on-chain vaults and safeguarding them through economic security.

This is achieved using the Tendermint consensus engine, Cosmos-SDK state machine, and GG20 Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS). Learn more about MAYAChain’s technology here.

Features include:

  • Capped Proof of Bond validator selection maintains high decentralization and a strong Nakamoto Coefficient.
  • Periodic Validator Churning enhances network performance and security with minimal governance.
  • Asynchronous Network Upgrades ensures the network can keep running smoothly even during upgrades.
  • Chain-agnostic Bifrost Protocol helps to connect unique blockchain technologies.
  • Continuous Liquidity Pools and Liquidity Synths provide flexible and efficient trading mechanisms, minimizing slippage and preventing price manipulation.
  • Swap Queue technology orders transactions to mitigate Miner Extractable Value (MEV) risks and sandwich attacks.

New Chains, New Assets

With the integration of Maya Protocol, THORSwap users gain access to four exciting new blockchains, each offering unique features and benefits:


The main chain of the Maya Protocol ecosystem — serves as a cross-chain liquidity AMM.

Native token: $CACAO

Arbitrum One

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to improve its transaction speed and reduce costs while maintaining security. It’s flagship chain Arbitrum One uses Optimistic Rollup technology to execute transactions off-chain before settling on the Ethereum mainnet, providing a more efficient and scalable environment for decentralized applications.

Noteworthy assets: $ETH (Arbitrum gas asset), $ARB, $DAI, $USDC, $WBTC


Kujira is a blockchain platform designed to make DeFi more accessible and user-friendly. It features a suite of tools and applications that simplify participation in DeFi, including a decentralized exchange and lending platform. Kujira’s unique selling point is its focus on reducing barriers for average users and enhancing the user experience in interacting with blockchain technology.

Noteworthy assets: $KUJI (Native token), $USK (Decentralized stablecoin)


Dash is a digital currency optimized for fast and inexpensive transactions. It offers features such as InstantSend and PrivateSend, which provide optional speed and privacy enhancements respectively. Dash is designed to be a practical, everyday spending currency that improves upon the functionality of traditional fiat and digital currencies.

Native token: $DASH

Each of these blockchains brings something unique for THORSwap users. Whether you’re looking to leverage the speed and efficiency of Arbitrum, the user-friendly features of Kujira, the transactional prowess of Dash, or the innovative DeFi solutions of MAYAChain, THORSwap now serves as a gateway to these diverse technologies and ecosystems.

How to Trade Using Maya Protocol on THORSwap:

Trading via Maya Protocol on THORSwap is straightforward. Here’s how you to start:

Step 1. Connect Your Wallet:

Navigate to THORSwap and connect your compatible blockchain wallet.

Step 2. Select Your Trading Pairs:

Choose the assets you want to swap. Maya Protocol supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains.

Step 3. Execute Your Swap:

Check the transaction details, including rates and fees. Confirm your swap to perform the cross-chain trade efficiently and securely.

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Merch Drop

To celebrate the arrival of Maya Protocol, we’ve created an exclusive Limited Edition (50 only) THORSwap x MAYAChain Hoodie. Collectors will also be airdropped an NFT of the artwork!

Powered by SwapKit

The seamless integration of Maya Protocol is made possible thanks to SwapKit — the powerful SDK suite of non-custodial, permissionless DeFi tools powering all THORSwap features.

SwapKit SDK is open-source and an easy gateway to the industry-leading cross-chain services provided by Maya Protocol, THORChain and Chainflip.

For all developers looking to power your platform with the best-in-class cross-chain infrastructure — reach out at to learn more or join the conversation on Swapkit’s Discord.

⚡X 🍫

The integration of Maya Protocol is more than a technical upgrade — it’s a pivotal milestone that enhances THORSwap’s role as a leading multi-chain DEX aggregator. By facilitating broader trading options, improved liquidity, and a smoother trading experience, the addition of Maya Protocol marks a significant step forward in THORSwap’s mission to revolutionize DeFi.

THORSwap is excited to continue expanding support for the Maya Ecosystem’s impressive suite of innovative features and new blockchains integrations to come. Thank you for the continued support from the Maya Tribe community — the journey took a while but we’re glad to finally unite the #CrossChainGang! 💪

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of this adventure with us. Let’s continue to transform DeFi together 🤜🤛


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