Sanctor Turbo Demo Day Recap

Sanctor Turbo Demo Day

During this virtual event, we unveiled the first look at THORSwap’s new product updates, as well as two brand new apps:

THORSwap Sneak Peeks

  • New wallet integrations and more flexible wallet management
  • New Desktop App, offering all the same THORSwap functionality from a new interface
  • New THORChads rewards platform to reward our loyal community members

These sneak peeks are just scratching the surface.

We’ve got a slew of new product announcements coming very soon, so please make sure to follow us on Twitter and Medium to stay updated.

Interoperability Insights by Industry Leaders

A few highlights from the Interoperability panel with Chad Barraford, Technical Lead at THORChain; Andre Cronje, Creator of Yearn Finance; Hendrik Hofstadt, Director of Special Projects at Jump Trading; Derek Yoo, CEO of Moonbeam; and Zack Seward, Global News Editor at Coindesk:

Special thanks to Sanctor Capital for hosting THORSwap and stay tuned for many updates coming soon!


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