[Q2 Update] THORSwap Roadmap

vTHOR is up next ✌ Cross-chain Aggregator, Hammer Wallet and THORSwap API are on the horizon

Whereas THORChain ($RUNE) is focused on incentivizing cross-chain liquidity, the focus of THORSwap ($THOR) is to incentivize cross-chain trading volume — a complementary and synergistic partnership.

THORSwap DEX V2 Launched Last Week

Refreshed UI based on feedback from the community

$vTHOR Staking is Next

New single-sided staking will reward stakers with 75% of trading fees

Cross-Chain Aggregator of Aggregators

Supporting cross-chain swaps of long-tail assets on different chains

$7.6T of siloed liquidity on different blockchains is waiting to be unleashed 🌊

Hammer Wallet ⚒

One cross-chain wallet for all chains

THORSwap API for Developers

One-stop API for developers to easily add cross-chain functionality to their dApps

We believe this updated Product Roadmap will simplify cross-chain finance for both users and developers, and bring meaningful trading volume to the THORChain ecosystem.

About THORSwap




World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain. https://twitter.com/thorswap

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