[Q2 Update] THORSwap Roadmap

vTHOR is up next ✌ Cross-chain Aggregator, Hammer Wallet and THORSwap API are on the horizon

THORSwap Finance
5 min readApr 21, 2022

Have a seat THORChads! It’s been a rollercoaster ride so far both in and out of Crypto, but we’ve never stopped BUIDL-ing 💪

At THORSwap our vision is to “Make Cross-Chain Finance Easy.”

By offering a combination of user-friendly dApps and Stripe-like APIs for developers, we believe we can “simplify and grow cross-chain volume to $1 Trillion”.

Whereas THORChain ($RUNE) is focused on incentivizing cross-chain liquidity, the focus of THORSwap ($THOR) is to incentivize cross-chain trading volume — a complementary and synergistic partnership.

Here’s our updated roadmap on how we plan to execute this:

THORSwap DEX V2 Launched Last Week

Refreshed UI based on feedback from the community

The THORSwap DEX interface has processed $1.6B+ in transactions and monthly active users crossed 150K.

Last week, on the 1 year anniversary of Multi-Chain Chaos Net, we released the long-awaited V2 interface update with a vastly improved UI/UX for cross-chain trading.

We will continue to refine and polish our interface to deliver the best Cross-Chain DEX experience in DeFi.

Want to contribute? Five minutes of your time to complete our V2 Feedback Survey will help us ship more improvements for you. Reach out in Discord if you have additional ideas.

$vTHOR Staking is Next

New single-sided staking will reward stakers with 75% of trading fees

The next major milestone is updated single-sided staking for the THORSwap token ($THOR, ERC-20).

$vTHOR is a membership staking token that offers generous rewards to active participants and users. By actively staking $THOR for $vTHOR, members will earn fee-sharing rewards — 75% of trading fees (and other THORSwap revenues) collected by the protocol are distributed to stakers as fee-sharing rewards.

This new staking mechanism for $THOR signifies a transition from today’s emissions-based community incentives, to a more aligned and sustainable fee-sharing model.

vTHOR Staking will start with gas-efficient auto-compounding and composability with other DeFi protocols. It will soon offer governance voting, cash back rebates and other utility in the near future.

Keep an eye on the THORSwap Discord and Twitter for upcoming the launch date, AMAs, breakdowns, video guides and more.

Cross-Chain Aggregator of Aggregators

Supporting cross-chain swaps of long-tail assets on different chains

At present, liquidity is siloed across different blockchains and AMMs. Today’s leading aggregators are mostly focused on single EVM chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon etc. Swapping long-tail assets from one chain to another requires either a centralised exchange or a centralised bridge.

THORSwap’s upcoming Cross-Chain “Aggregator of Aggregators” will solve these challenges by connecting silo’ed blockchains into a simple one transaction swap experience:

This “Aggregator of Aggregators” will utilize THORChain liquidity and expand support for additional blockchains such Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Terra, Solana, IBC and more.

$7.6T of siloed liquidity on different blockchains is waiting to be unleashed 🌊

We are creating a seamless experience to swap between long-tail assets on different chains in a single transaction — providing you with gas efficiency and a better UX than multi hop bridges.

Imagine swapping from any ERC-20 token to BTC in a single swap. Or swapping from any ERC-20 token to any Terra CW-20 token in a single swap.

THORSwap’s “Aggregator of Aggregators” will be launched in multiple phases:

  • Phase 1: ERC-20 long-tail assets
  • Phase 2: Terra aggregator
  • Phase 3 and later: EVM L1 and L2 Chains (Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Arbitrum, etc), Solana assets, IBC assets, etc.

Peckshield has already completed an audit of the Phase 1 Aggregator. Additional testing is underway before prod release.

Hammer Wallet ⚒

One cross-chain wallet for all chains

Tired of managing different wallets for each blockchain?

Looking for a mobile-native swap experience that’s decentralised and non-custodial?

Keep your 👀s and 👂s open for Hammer Wallet 😉

THORSwap API for Developers

One-stop API for developers to easily add cross-chain functionality to their dApps

We’ve been shipping cross-chain apps for 2+ years now. We deeply understand the complexities of integrating and maintaining cross-chain support.

To help other developers more quickly add cross-chain functionality, the THORSwap Pathfinder API will be a simple one-stop API to access all of THORSwap’s aggregated liquidity, plus additional features like Hammer Wallet and THORFi Services.

The THORSwap Pathfinder API brings more composability to the THORChain ecosystem, and will increase overall cross-chain trading volume.

We believe this updated Product Roadmap will simplify cross-chain finance for both users and developers, and bring meaningful trading volume to the THORChain ecosystem.

Onwards THORChads! 🤜⚡🤛

About THORSwap

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