Pre-register your THORName!

Phase 1 successfully launched with over 3500 Twitter handles registered as THORNames. Amongst these were CT influencers, DeFi devs, financial figures, and many thorchads like yourselves.

We are lauching Phase 2 of the THORName Service (TNS), you will now be able to pre-order custom THORNames with a 50% discount 🔥

THORName Service (TNS) are vanity addresses that essentially simplify and humanise THORChain wallet addresses to optimise cross-chain compatibility.

It is a fun and necessary alternative to machine-readable identifiers such as cryptocurrency addresses and metadata. In practice, you are assigning your THORChain wallet address with a name, hence THORName.

Essentially it is a domain naming system for your wallet based on the THORChain blockchain. This will vastly simplify your multi-chain wallet, open a marketplace to buy and sell THORNames, and be potentially regarded as a clout worthy claim amongst your thorchad peers 😉

For example — lets say you assign “chad” to your THORChain address, instead of using “thor1xcn7fg2gzqe4hef21e545” it will become “chad.thor”.

Now you can use your THORName as your recipient address and to manage (internally on thorchain’s blockchain) the other addresses associated.
i.e receive ETH to chad.eth, RUNE to chad.thor, BTC to chad.btc on the THORChain network.

Phase 2 now live!

You can now pre-order a THORName address with 50% discount (5 RUNE).

Before you proceed, it is important to note:

  1. You will need a thor wallet address to claim a THORName
    (see below on how to).
  2. You can register multiple THORNames to the same address.
    i.e register chad123, forrestgump, pikachad all to thor15t3gr2q35b…..
  3. Once THORNames is public, you are free to buy, sell and bid on any THORName. Feel free to trade that THORName you bought in pre-registration.
  4. You can change the thor wallet address that your THORName is registered at once TNS is publicly launched!

For more information check the FAQ

Please understand that you can NOT send funds from another blockchain to your THORName address, as the funds will be directed to the address of the local naming system of that blockchain.

THORName Service (TNS) is to be ONLY used internally on the THORChain blockchain.

You can use your THORName address externally when sending native RUNE (THOR.RUNE) from external protocols (currently ShapeShift and soon Ledger and TrustWallet).

Your funds will be lost if sent from external protocols i.e. sending ETH from a CEX or MetaMask to the .eth THORName address (chad.eth) will result in a loss of funds, as the funds will be directed to the address registered on the ENS system. You would have to use the common identifier address “0x1xcn7fgh7166dGH3523G……..”

How to Pre-register your THORName.

Okay chad.thor let’s proceed!

Step 1 → You will need to set up a THOR wallet address using either a Keystore wallet or a XDEFI Wallet.

  • To set up a Keystore wallet follow this guide
  • To set up a XDEFI wallet follow this guide and use access code THORswap

Step 2 → Visit the THORName website at

Step 3 → Connect Wallet

Step 4 → Enter your THORName and click the search icon.
if ✅ then THORName is available
if ❌ then THORName is taken, try another one

Your thor address should be automatically entered, just double check it.

Click Register!

Step 5 → Confirm!

Make sure you have 5 RUNE in your wallet.

Step 6 → Share!
Share a tweet, share the clout!


If you have any questions or want to find out further details, check out the faq at

If the answer to your question is not there, feel ask in the ⚡DISCORD⚡and our team will be happy to help!

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We are fully committed to being community orientated. We are committed to continuously innovate THORSwap and improve our UX until it is seamless.

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