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5 min readNov 30, 2021

The THORYield App is evolving with a completely redesigned dashboard and new features to provide a PRO User Experience to the THORChain Community.

What’s NEW in THORYield V2?

THORYield V2 will be your Home to track everything on THORChain. The updated dashboard includes the most important MCCN Analytics:

  • Volume (24 hours)
  • Active bond
  • MCCN Liquidity
  • Top Tokens
  • Top Pairs
  • Liquidity APY
THORYield V2 Dashboard

Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) Charts

We listened to the community and added open-high-low-close charts (OHLC) using TradingView. This new tool provides a PRO Trader User Experience on THORSwap with four different timeframes (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, All):

In addition to Price, various stats such as Liquidity and Volume can enjoy the new (OHLC) Charts.

Total Liquidity, Volume (24 hrs) and Transactions (24 hrs) now show the daily percentage change.

You can even view the exact number of tokens in each liquidity pool!

Top Pairs

Every pair on THORChain’s MCCN is paired with $RUNE, the native token of THORChain. In this new dashboard you can check the current Liquidity, Volume (24hr), Volume (7d), Fees Earned (24hr) and the current APY for each liquidity pool.

Multi-Chain Accounts

For your convenience, you can now save multiple wallets under a single Account: simply input your wallet addresses in the relevant fields, add an Account Name, then Save.

For any saved multi-chain account, you can view all account analytics and track your yield:

More Charts! Liquidity Value and Fees Earned

Get a summary of your LP positions for every multi-chain account (requires THORChain address):

The Liquidity Value chart tracks the current value of your liquidity over time (Weekly, Monthly, All).

Similarly, you can easily track your Fees Earned Value over time (Weekly, Monthly, All).

Charts were a highly requested feature by the community so we’re happy to offer these simple, but powerful charts in THORYield V2.

LP Positions Summary

View a summary of all your THORChain LP positions. You can even easily Add or Remove liquidity (powered by THORSwap).

Transaction History

And now, the most requested feature: Transaction history!

Wallet transaction history (Swaps, Adds, and Withdraws) is now easily accessible in THORYield V2 via an intuitive UI.

MCCN LP Leaderboard

The THORChain MCCN LP Leaderboard is back!

View the most profitable THORChain LPers (measured by LP vs HODL) and their pools.

THORNodes Overview

$THOR Staking Rewards Tracker

Easily track your $THOR Staking rewards from THORYield V2, now with Rewards Value (USD) and $THOR Price in the same UI. Simply input your ETH Address to track your $THOR rewards.

NOTE: your $THOR Staking Account is separate from your LP Account.

What’s next for THORYield V2?

More features will be integrated after launch and THORYield will be continuosly evolving to improve the UI/UX, the following are just some of the planned features that will be released after launch:

  • Share on Twitter feature
  • Support for EUR/GBP Currencies
  • NFTs Tracker (similar to THORYield iOS App)
  • LPs Withdrawal Fee Estimates
  • More chains supported for Wallet Balances

THORYield iOS App Update

We also have more planned features for the iOS App and will be constantly updated in the coming weeks, the design will be also updated to offer a professional UI/UX on Mobile.
As soon as the App will be published on App Store, we will start working on the Android App as we have seen is Highly requested from the community, estimated timeline for Android App is Q1 2022.

Your feedback is extremely valuable

Community feedback is critical to improve our products for you. We have set up a feedback section in the THORSwap Discord Community to collect any feedback, bugs, or new feature requests you’d like to see in THORYield.

We look forward to your feedback as we continue building complementary products for the THORChain Ecosystem.

About THORYield

THORYield is a yield tracker powered by THORSwap — easily track your portfolio, NFTs, and your LP earnings on THORChain Liquidity Pools.

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THORSwap is the leading multi-chain, decentralized exchange (DEX) platform powered by THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

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