Introducing: THORYield V2 ⚡️

What’s NEW in THORYield V2?

  • Volume (24 hours)
  • Active bond
  • MCCN Liquidity
  • Top Tokens
  • Top Pairs
  • Liquidity APY
THORYield V2 Dashboard

Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) Charts

Top Pairs

Multi-Chain Accounts

More Charts! Liquidity Value and Fees Earned

LP Positions Summary

Transaction History

MCCN LP Leaderboard

THORNodes Overview

$THOR Staking Rewards Tracker

What’s next for THORYield V2?

  • Share on Twitter feature
  • Support for EUR/GBP Currencies
  • NFTs Tracker (similar to THORYield iOS App)
  • LPs Withdrawal Fee Estimates
  • More chains supported for Wallet Balances

THORYield iOS App Update

Your feedback is extremely valuable

About THORYield

About THORSwap



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