Introducing: THORSwap Transaction Tracker ⚡

Level-up your THORSwap Experience with our brand new cross-chain Transaction Tracker.

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3 min readApr 11, 2023

We are excited to announce our latest product release: the new and improved Cross-chain Transaction Tracker.

As we strive to improve the user experience on THORSwap, we understand the importance of transparency and accuracy when performing cross-chain swaps. In the past, users have faced difficulties in tracking their transactions, with no way to see what was going on during the process. The previous transaction tracker was also sometimes inaccurate — leading to false estimations on transaction completion times.

Simply click on the ‘Details’ button to open the new Transaction Tracker!

With our new Transaction Tracker, users can now have greater visibility and control over their transactions. You can now check the route of a specific transaction with detailed information regarding the network and liquidity provider, ensuring you always know where your assets are and going next. Furthermore, our new tracker provides more accurate timing estimations, giving a clearer understanding of when your transaction will be completed.

Demonstration of a transaction on $BTC (slower chain)

We also provide entire transaction info page (as displayed in the tracker) as a handy shareable link, allowing for easy support and future reference.

The new THORSwap Transaction Tracker is a powerful component of SwapKit: our one-stop suite of cross-chain services. All SwapKit partners will be able to utilize this next-gen DeFi tool along with THORChain native swaps, DEX aggregation, yield, and analytics tools and more 👍

We understand the importance of a smooth and transparent process when performing cross-chain swaps for our users, and we are confident that our new Transaction Tracker will provide just that. We look forward to continuing to improve the THORSwap app and providing the best possible experience for our users.

Onwards! 💪

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