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5 min readJun 3, 2021


Pre-registration for Phase 1 is live on June 4th!

⚡Own your name, own cross-chain ⚡

THORName Service (TNS) are vanity addresses that essentially simplify and humanise THORChain wallet addresses to optimise cross-chain compatibility.

In short, it is a domain naming system for your wallet based on the THORChain blockchain. This will simplify your multichain wallet address and open a marketplace to buy and sell THORNames.

It is a fun and necessary alternative to machine-readable identifiers such as cryptocurrency addresses and metadata. In practice, you are assigning your THORCHain address with a name, hence THORName.

i.e lets say you assign “chad” to your THORChain address, instead of using “thor1xcn7fg2gzqe4hef21e545” it will become “chad.thor”.

There can be only one THORName assigned to a THORChain address and this will be used to manage the other addresses associated.

Receive BTC to chad.btc
ETH to
RUNE to chad.thor and so on.

THORChain is on route to becoming the biggest cross-chain ecosystem so having a THORName is not only legit clout amongst thorchads but it may become the standard for your multichain wallet experience.

Own your name, own cross-chain.

TLDR; It is a fun and compatible domain system to simplify your cross-chain wallet.

Four Phase Roll-out.

Registration for THORName service will be rolled out in four phases.

Phase 1 (June 4th-10th)
registration with Twitter accounts 🐦

Phase 2 (June 14th-28th)
Pre-order custom names with a 50% discount.

Phase 3
7 days of confirmation/cool off. A leaderboard display with registered names. Devs will migrate the data and integrate the protocol during this period.

Phase 4 (July)
Public launch!

Yes, if you are reading this then you are early thorchad or chad.thor ;) 🔱

Phase 1 is live on June 4th! 🐦

In this first phase, we are inviting you to register your Twitter handle as your THORName address for free!

To acquire your Twitter handle as your THORName:
Go to → register your Twitter account and THOR address.

Now your @twitter handle is the recipient address of cross-chain prosperity!

{@twitter handle}.thor = ParisHilton.thor

This can be used to manage all your assets associated with your wallet, such as ParisHilton.eth, ParisHilton.btc and so on.

Phase 1 ends June 10th.

Purchasing a THORName address will cost 10 RUNE (in the future this number is variable). Once the THORName service is launched, there will be an auction for users to bid and buy THORName addresses, or even to sell at a premium. Bidders can cancel their bid at any time, and THORName addresses holders can choose to sell whenever they wish for the price they want.

THORNames are compatible with emojis i.e 🧜‍♂️🔱⚡️.thor

1–30 long string of hexadecimal characters are allowed which include special characters -_+

THORNames will expire when the registration fee paid runs out, this is a fixed amount per year. You can register for 1 day or for 100 years, completely up to you.

Any expired THORNames will automatically transfer to the highest bidder.

Anyone can bid on your THORName, so you can let the bids pile up, and then you can choose when to sell, the name is immediately transferred and you get the deposit.

You can use your THORName as the recipient address of swaps!

Phase 2 (June 14th — 28th)

Pre-order custom names with a 50% discount.

The second phase will allow users to pre-order a THORName address with 50% discount (5 RUNE) prior to public launch.

We will announce more details on Phase 2 soon.

Phase 2 ends June 28th.

Phase 3

Confirmation Phrase

After the pre-order phase has been completed, there will be a 1-week cool-off. It will take time to migrate the data, confirm THORNames, and then integrate the protocol.

There will be a displaying leaderboard with registered names.

Phase 4 (July)

Public Launch!

The THORName service will open to the public, and addresses can be purchased if not claimed or through the bid and auction market.


If you have any questions or want to find out further details, check out the faq at

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