How to upgrade RUNE using TrustWallet 🛅

TrustWallet now supports Native RUNE

Thorchain, Binance Chain, and Ethereum are fully supported by TrustWallet. Go upgrade your ETH.RUNE and BNB.RUNE to THOR.RUNE directly on THORSwap by using WalletConnect.

You can now have a thor wallet address on TrustWallet which means you can swap, store, transfer, and provide liquidity with Native RUNE!

If you are upgrading
ETH.RUNE (ERC20) to THOR.RUNE, you will need additional ETH for gas to process the tx.

If you are upgrading BNB.RUNE (BEP2) to THOR.RUNE, you will need additional BNB for gas to process the tx.

Let’s begin!

Step 1. Click “Connect”

Step 2. Connect via WalletConnect

A QR Code will appear like so:

Step 3. Open “WalletConnect” in Trust Wallet App → Scan the QR code

Step 4. Accept the request from THORSwap by clicking “connect”

TrustWallet App should now look like this

Great! You should be able to see your wallet address for Thorchain, Binance Chain, and Ethereum

To confirm your wallet is connected you can see the TrustWallet logo next to wallet addresses.

Step 5. Click ⇆ next to either the BNB.RUNE (BEP2) or ETH.RUNE (ERC20).

In this case, it will be BNB.RUNE (BEP2).

Step 6. This will take you to where you can upgrade to Native RUNE.

→ Decide how much BNB.RUNE you want to upgrade by using the percentage slider bar or manually inputting the amount.

→ You will need additional BNB in your wallet for the transaction fee.

→ Check the Thorchain wallet address and then Click “Upgrade”

p.s you should automatically receive THOR.RUNE to the Thorchain address of your TrustWallet

Step 7. Confirm on THORSwap

Step 8. Confirm Transaction on WalletConnect

Step 9. You can double check the tx id (red square) to see if it is completed.

Step 10. Refresh wallet

Tada! Upgrade completed. You can also refresh your TrustWallet and the balance should be updated!

For ETH.RUNE, you would follow the exact same steps but using the Ethereum address on your TrustWallet.

Note: Make sure you have additional ETH in your wallet for gas to process the tx.

If you need additional information or further help we provide learning materials and technical support on⚡ DISCORD⚡. If you are struggling then go create a ticket and our team will be happy to help!

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