How to connect your Ledger, Metamask, Trustwallet and XDefi on THORSwap?

Wallet options on THORSwap

THORSwap now supports 5 different wallet options 🤯!

🦊 Metamask
🛅 TrustWallet
📟 Ledger (Binance Chain only)
⚡ Keystore

Massive props to the dev team for shipping this integration out smoothly and quickly!

Soon… 👀
- Ledger
support for all other chains is under development and will be released soon.
- Native RUNE will also be integrated with TrustWallet.

This article will touch on the use cases of these wallet integrations and also how to connect your chosen wallet.

Compatibility is key

  1. You can connect multiple wallets at the same time and perform swaps between different chains!

Connect Ledger (BEP2) and Metamask (ETH) to perform swaps between BEP2 tokens and ERC20 tokens.

i.e swap SUSHI for BUSD or ETH for BNB.

2. You can swap or provide liquidity asymmetrically with only one chain wallet connected.

Connect Metamask → Swap ERC-20 tokens → Deposit ERC-20 or ETH asymmetrically into liquidity pool.

3. You can backup 12 seed phrase from Keystore wallet and import account into Metamask, XDEFI, Ledger, or Trustwallet.

Click the folder icon and then enter your password to see the seed phrase.
Note it does not matter which folder icon as the seed phrase will be the same.

Copy your 12 seed phrase → Import account in the appropriate wallet → Paste your seed phrase → Back up complete ✅

p.s do NOT ever share your 12 seed phase with anyone otherwise they will have access to your wallet.

4. Users can connect multiple wallets at the same time and perform cross-chain swaps between wallets.

This means you can swap ERC20 tokens on your metamask and receive BEP20 tokens on your ledger. Basically changing the recipient address to the wallet you want but cross-chain!

Keystore (RUNE) + Ledger (BNB) + Metamask (ETH)

Connect Metamask (ETH)+ Ledger (BNB)+ Keystore (RUNE)

Swap ETH from Metamask and receive THOR.RUNE on Keystore (or Ledger and TrustWallet once native RUNE is integrated…. which is very soon!)

Connect TrustWallet(ETH)+ Ledger (BNB)

Swap BEP2 from Ledger and receive ETH on TrustWallet.

How to connect your wallets?

Go to THORSwap and click Connect Button

⚡ Keystore

Until wallets are integrated with Native RUNE (THOR.RUNE) then you will need a Keystore wallet to acquire a THOR address.

This is so you can use Native RUNE.

i.e for depositing liquidity symmetrically, upgrading BNB.RUNE/ETH.RUNE to THOR.RUNE, making cross-chain swaps, and purchasing THOR.RUNE.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a Keystore then follow this link.

Your THOR address will be automatically inputted into the recipient address when using the Keystore.

📟 Ledger
Only Binance Chain (BEP2) is currently supported. Ledger support for all other chains is under development and will be integrated soon!

Step 1: Click “Connect Ledger”

Step 2: Make sure “Binance Chain” app is open on Ledger.
(You may have to install it on Ledger Live if you haven’t already)

Confirm “Binance Chain” app by pressing both buttons on top.

It will then read “Binance Chain Ready”

Step 3: Click “Binance Chain” and then “Connect Ledger”

Step 4: Check bnb address and then confirm it (press both buttons on top)

Awesome, you are now connected!

To confirm you can see the ledger logo next to Binance Chain.

🛅 TrustWallet

Currently, Binance Chain and Ethereum are supported. Native RUNE will be integrated soon!

Step 1. Click “WalletConnect”

A QR Code will appear like so:

Step 2. Open “WalletConnect” in Trust Wallet App. Then scan the QR code and then approve

TrustWallet App should look like this

Great! You are now connected with TrustWallet!

To confirm you can see the TrustWallet logo next to Binance and Ethereum.

🦊 Metamask

Step 1: Click “Connect Metamask”

Step 2: Select an Account

Step 3: Confirm and Connect
Always check the box is ticked and it says it can only “view the address of your permitted accounts”

Superb! Your Metamask is now connected!

This is confirmed because you can see the little fox 🦊 logo.

We have the perfect step-by-step guide already made for you here.

XDEFI is shaping up to be the very first cross-chain wallet.

🔮 Troubleshooting
and Metamask can cause troubleshooting. So to mitigate this you need to deactivate the extension of which wallet you are not using.

Google Chrome
Step 1: Deactive the extension in…. chrome://extensions/
Step 2: Clear Cache in…. chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
Step 3: Restart Browser

Repeat these steps in the appropriate browser. Brave, Safari, Firefox.

If it does not work, then change browser. Chrome seems to work best.

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