BNB Smart Chain arrives on THORSwap: Trade Cross-Chain + Earn Real Yield ⚡️

Seamless swaps between $BNB <> 5,500+ tokens. Earn Real Yield with no impermanent loss

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6 min readSep 29, 2023

It’s finally here! THORSwap is thrilled to integrate a new pivotal Layer 1 Blockchain: BNB Smart Chain alongside support for hundreds of BEP-20 Assets.

From today on THORSwap ️you can:

  1. Swap native $BNB and hundreds of BEP-20 tokens on BNB Smart Chain between native assets on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Cosmos (ATOM), BNB Beacon Chain, Dogecoin, Litcoin, Bitcoin Cash and THORChain in 1-click.
  2. Acquire $BNB without needing CEXs, accounts, wrapped assets or bridge hopping. Truly permissionless, decentralized, and open to anyone around the world. You are your own custodian.
  3. Earn Yield on $BNB — by providing BNB-RUNE liquidity, or through THORSwap Earn with no risk of Impermanent Loss.

Remember: trades on THORSwap are completed in one transaction, and does NOT require any bridging or wrapping of your assets.

Beacon 🤝 Smart

The BNB Chain ecosystem is composed of two key blockchains — BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain.

BNB Beacon Chain (BEP-2) is responsible for the governance and manages staking and voting.

BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) is the EVM compatible blockchain with consensus layers and smart contract functionality.

Continuing the BNB Journey ⚡️

BNB Beacon Chain and BEP-2 assets like $BUSD have long been available on THORSwap since THORChain’s inception. With the integration of BNB Smart Chain and BEP-20 assets, THORSwap now provides Web3 users with access to even broader range of assets and protocols.

Launched in September 2020, BNB Smart Chain has rapidly risen to prominence, becoming home to a thriving DeFi ecosystem with an ever-growing ecosystem of dApps, NFTs, Web3 games and more. Its compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts offer stellar performance for smart contract applications with fast and affordable transactions.

PancakeSwap Cross-chain DEX Aggregation

Alongside the BNB Smart Chain integration, THORSwap is also excited to release the new BSC DEX Aggregator: unlocking direct access to BSC’s expansive array of long-tail assets via Liquidity on it’s leading Decentralized Exchange: PancakeSwap 🥞

This means automatic routing from Native $BTC to $CAKE for example, in a single transaction. Swap hundreds of BEP-20 Tokens seamlessly with 9 major blockchains and 5,000+ ERC-20 tokens (on ETH & AVAX) in a single click 💪

Price Optimization with Streaming Swaps 🌊

Get #BetterThanCEX quotes for BNB Smart Chain swaps no matter the size. Streaming Swaps breakdown large trades into smaller sub-swaps executed over time for optimal capital efficiency.

Learn more about Streaming Swaps.

Multi-Chain Wallet Support

Alongside Keystore wallet, THORSwap supports many BSC wallet interfaces, allowing you to connect, manage, and have complete self-custody over your BNB Smart Chain assets:

Browser Extension:
Metamask, XDEFI, Trust Wallet, OKX Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Brave Wallet

Trust Wallet and other wallets via WalletConnect V2

Hardware Wallets:
Ledger and Trezor

How to Swap $BNB on THORSwap

The steps to swap BNB Smart Chain assets on THORSwap remain as user-friendly as ever:

Step 1. Visit and connect your BNB Smart Chain Wallet, or set up a non-custodial “Keystore wallet”. For other chains see our general overview video guide.

THORSwap supports multiple wallet connections at once, this means you can use MetaMask for BSC and Ledger for BTC 👌

Step 2. Select the asset you want to exchange for/to BNB Smart Chain
Step 3. Select the quantity you want to swap
Step 4. Check the swap rate, slip and fees. Then click “Swap” to confirm!

Earn Yield on your $BNB

Thanks to the innovation of THORChain Savers Vaults, you can earn single-sided yield on your BEP-20 $BNB with no impermanent loss via THORSwap Earn. Learn more here.

To get started:

  1. Head over to and connect your wallet.
  2. Choose BEP-20 BSC, and specify the amount you wish to deposit. Depending on the asset and slippage, the UI will provide an estimation of how many days it will take to “break even” (earn back the initial slippage fee).
  3. Click Deposit. A Transaction Confirmation prompt will appear. Verify then confirm.
  4. As soon as the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, you will start earning Single Sided Yield on your $BNB!
  5. To view your yield, click the My Positions tab to check Earned and Total Earn performance.

Earn Yield by Providing Liquidity

Alternatively you may earn yield by providing $BNB liquidity on THORChain. Yields are generated from the trading fees paid by traders and reward emissions. To get started:

Step 1. Make sure you have already connected to THORSwap using MetaMask, Ledger, Keystore wallet or multi-chain supported wallets like XDEFI.

Step 2. Visit

Step 3. Select how you would like to deposit BNB. You have 3 options to choose from:

  • Deposit only BNB (aka “asymmetrical BNB deposit”)
  • Deposit both BNB and RUNE (aka “symmetrical BNB & RUNE deposit”)
  • Deposit only RUNE (aka “asymmetrical RUNE deposit”)

Symmetrical deposits also requires $RUNE in your wallet to pay for the deposit transaction fee. Asymmetrical deposits will automatically take the deposit transaction fee from your $BNB.

Step 4. Select the quantity you wish to deposit. If you are performing a “symmetrical deposit”, simply in enter the amount for one side and the other be automatically calculated to display equal value of BNB and RUNE.

Step 5. Confirm Liquidity deposit.

Congrats, you are now earning yield on your $BNB LP! Please be aware you will have 50:50 exposure to both RUNE and BNB (and potential for Impermanent Loss).

At the time of writing, only the BEP-20 BNB pool is active on THORChain, other whitelisted Binance-Peg assets for pool creation include: USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI and TrueUSD.

Tracking LP/Earn Positions and Transactions

THORSwap provides links to each chain’s native blockchain explorer to assess the progress of each transaction. You can also use our dedicated tool to monitor your Transactions, LP positions and Rewards, watch this dedicated video to learn more:

THORYield App is also available on iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Video tutorial available 👉 here

THORSwap welcomes the BNB Smart Chain community to experience a new world of decentralized exchange. No more dependency on centralized exchanges and bridges, Self-custodial trustless Cross-Chain swaps is here.

Web3’s multi-chain future is now.
Experience it today at: ⚡ ️

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