Avalanche $AVAX 🔺 arrives on THORSwap: Trade + Earn Real Yield Cross-Chain

Learn all about how to Cross-Chain Swap between $AVAX <> 4,800+ native tokens and earn Real Yield via LP

The wait is finally over! Today is pleased to announce the integration of another major L1 Blockchain — ($AVAX) 🔺

is a open, programmable smart contract platform focused on high transaction speed and low fees. Through the use of individual subnets it addresses several key challenges Ethereum currently face regarding scalability.

Besides native $AVAX, and on C-Chain will be available within the week.

THORChain’s Avalanche integration also enables us to launch (soon) our AVAX C-Chain DEX Aggregator, directly connecting to Avalanche C-Chain long-tail assets on THORSwap! Swap 180+ Avax ERC-20 Tokens directly between 9 Major Blockchains and 4,800+ ERC-20 in one click 💪

From today on ️you can:

  1. Swap native $AVAX, $USDC & $USDT on Avalanche between native assets (BTC, ETH, BNB, ATOM, DOGE, LTC, BCH) in 1-click. In fact, 4,800+ crypto assets across 8 major blockchains will have a direct entry point to Avalanche and vice versa. True Decentralized Access never before possible until now 💪
  2. Acquire $AVAX without needing CEXs, accounts, wrapped assets or bridge hopping. Truly permissionless, decentralized, and open to anyone around the world. You are your own custodian.
  3. Earn Yield on $AVAX— by providing AVAX-RUNE liquidity, you can earn native $AVAX yield with great APR with up to 100% .

Remember: trades on THORSwap can be completed in one transaction, and does NOT require any bridging or wrapping of your assets.

A Short intro to Avalanche 🔺

was founded in 2020 by Dr. Emin Gun Sirer and the team at Ava Labs — after quickly becoming one of the leading L1 Chains for DeFi (Decentralised Finance) applications and NFT (non-fungible tokens) projects, the total value locked (TVL) across DeFi protocols on Avalanche lies at 1.61 Billion USD at the time of writing.

Thanks to its unique design and consensus model, Avalanche features some of the most impressive performance numbers in the blockchain space regarding throughput (up to 4,500 transactions per second), speed (3 seconds time-to-finality).

Avalanche features 3 built-in blockchains: , , and each focus on specific tasks. THORChain’s integration with C-Chain allows for the creation of native $AVAX-$RUNE liquidity pool and enables direct swaps and aggregation of Avalanche ERC-20 assets with other supported Layer 1 and ERC-20 tokens.

Multi-Chain Wallet Support

Alongside Keystore wallet, THORSwap has integrated , hardware wallet as well as multi-chain wallet interface for you to connect and manage your Avalanche assets for full self-custody. 💪

How to trade AVAX on

Step 1. Visit and connect your AVAX Wallet, or set up a non-custodial “”. For other chains see our .

THORSwap supports multiple wallet connections at once — i.e. you can use MetaMask for AVAX and Ledger for BTC 👌

Step 2. Select the asset you want to exchange for/to AVAX
Step 3. Select the quantity you want to swap
Step 4. Check the swap rate, slip and fees. Then click “Swap” to confirm!

NOTE: the transaction will be initiated immediately upon clicking “Swap.” Confirm your details before continuing.

Earn Yield on your $AVAX

You can earn yield on your $AVAX by . from the trading fees paid by traders and reward emissions.

Step 1. Make sure you have already connected to THORSwap using MetaMask, Ledger, Keystore wallet or multi-chain supported wallets like XDEFI.

Step 2. Visit

Step 3. Select AVAX. You have 3 options to choose from:

  • Deposit only AVAX (aka “asymmetrical AVAX deposit”)
  • Deposit both AVAX and RUNE (aka “symmetrical AVAX & RUNE deposit”)
  • Deposit only RUNE (aka “asymmetrical RUNE deposit”)

NOTE: deposit transaction fees for “symmetrical deposits” are typically lower than “asymmetrical deposits”.

Symmetrical deposits also requires $RUNE in your wallet to pay for the deposit transaction fee. Asymmetrical deposits will automatically take the deposit transaction fee from your $AVAX.

Step 4. Select the quantity you wish to deposit. If you are performing a “symmetrical deposit”, simply in enter the amount for one side and the other be automatically calculated to display equal value of AVAX and RUNE.

Step 5. Confirm Liquidity deposit.

Congrats, you are now earning yield on your $AVAX LP! 🔥

Impermanent Loss Protection for Liquidity Providers

THORChain Liquidity Providers receive +1% protection for every day of LP. This means:

49 days provided = 49% IL protection
100 days = 100% IL protection

IL Protection is reset back to day 1 if you add more to an existing LP (you can LP with a new address to retain existing ILP %).

IL Protection is applied to the asymmetrical deposits after it has been re-balanced into a symmetrical deposit:

Learn more about Impermanent Loss Protection on our .

Tracking LP Positions and Transactions

THORSwap provides links to each chain’s native blockchain explorer to assess the progress of each transaction. You can also use our dedicated tool to monitor your Transactions, LP positions and Rewards, watch this dedicated video to learn more:

THORYield App is also available on or . Video tutorial available 👉 .

Merch Drop

To celebrate the arrival of Avalanche, we’ve created an exclusive Limited Edition (50 only) . Collectors will also be airdropped an NFT of the artwork!

Blazingly Fast, Low Cost, & Eco-Friendly. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the Avalanche community to the THORChain ecosystem. No compromise, truly decentralized self-custody exchange of native assets is not easy, but we believe it is critical for Crypto’s multi-chain future.

AVAX’s arrival on THORSwap means an end to over-reliance on centralized bridges & wrapped assets for Avalanche users who wish to conduct Cross-Chain swaps with full self-custody.

For all questions, please visit the or ask for support on our via the dedicated #Avalanche channel or our #Support-Desk.

To learn more about THORChain’s technology, please visit the official .

About THORSwap

is a multi-chain DEX Aggregator built on THORChain’s cross-chain liquidity protocol and the flagship interface for all THORChain services. Perform permissionless cross-chain swaps right from your own self-custodied wallet. Learn more at .

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