How it started

  • Processed $5B+ trade volume across 70 liquidity pools on BEPSwap
  • Launched THORSwap on THORChain’s Multi-Chain Chaos Net (MCCN) in April 2021
  • Launched…

A new tool for the THORSwap Community.

About THORYield:

THORYield Features:

  • Advanced Mode
  • Basic view (Plain)
  • Track your LP Performance with Charts
  • Pools Specific slash commands /yield-eth

A tool to manage your node all from one interface 💪

How to download Desktop App?

  1. Go…

New thorswap interface

We listened to the community and released improved features, new UI layouts, and other upgrades to THORSwap.

  1. New UI Layout with a Sidebar! 🔮

Sanctor Turbo Demo Day

THORSwap Sneak Peeks

  • New wallet integrations and more flexible wallet management
  • New Desktop App, offering all the same THORSwap functionality from a new interface
  • New THORChads rewards platform to reward our loyal community members

About THORSwap

Sanctor Turbo Alpha Class

About the THORChain attacks

THORChain’s 5 pronged recovery plan

Thorstarter TGE launch

THORSwap Finance

World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.

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