How it started

Previously, swapping L1 assets was only possible by using centralized exchanges or wrapped crypto assets using bridges. THORChain enables native…

Almost two dozen product launches shipped in 9 months

It’s been an incredible year, THORChads!

In less than 9months, we launched the official THORSwap app, quickly achieved the most stability, and shipped dozens of new products and features.

Let’s take a look back at 2021.

April 14th: THORSwap DEX Official Launch

How Ohm Pro & THORSwap’s Incentive Pendulum will lead to a more efficient THORChain network

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Introducing the $THOR Incentive Pendulum & 5x Staking Boost

In just 1 week you THORChads have bonded nearly $300,000 worth of assets on Olympus Pro!

Whilst you guys have been receiving discounted $THOR…

Olympus Pro bonds kickstart the new $THOR Incentive Pendulum and 5x boost to single-sided $THOR staking

THORChads have enjoyed some amazing yields for bootstrapping $THOR token liquidity on THORChain and Sushiswap.

We are now introducing our very own incentive pendulum to adjust incentive rewards to ensure THORSwap’s longevity and sustainability.

The Olympus Pro partnership is a major step for THORSwap’s long-term sustainability. With liquidity owned, guaranteed…

The THORYield App is evolving with a completely redesigned dashboard and new features to provide a PRO User Experience to the THORChain Community.

What’s NEW in THORYield V2?

  • Volume (24 hours)
  • Active bond
  • MCCN Liquidity

THORSwap Finance

World’s #1 Multi-Chain DEX Powered by THORChain.

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