THORSwap 2nd Anniversary Airdrop is Live! 🚀

Up to $250,000 in rewards for OG and New THORChads ⚡

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2 min readMay 12, 2023

Celebrating THORSwap’s 2 Year Anniversary and as thanks for the on-going support, here’s another airdrop!

1004 THORChads will be able to claim 2,000 $THOR each totalling to a 2M THOR Airdrop (8% of initial token airdrop allocation).

Better yet, thanks to some smart-contract magic — one can claim+stake directly in one transaction, directly receiving $vTHOR, the reward accruing tokenized vault representation of staked $THOR. Saving you gas and hassle, directly accessing Real Yield benefits for your $THOR.

The Airdrop will be available to claim for a period of 3 months.

IMPORTANT: make sure you are visiting the correct domain:
Do not click on any suspicious links, we will never DM you or ask for your seed phrase!

Who Qualifies?

Two groups of community members qualify for this airdrop:

  1. Recent THORSwap users
    All Ethereum wallet address which performed cross-chain swaps on THORSwap in the month of April (birthday month) qualifies — thank you for being here through the bear! 💪
  2. OG THORChads
    All wallet addresses holding a THORChad NFT trophy — you were there from the beginning!⚡ (snapshot for holders have been completed, new mints will not qualify for this airdrop)
Care package for the bear market — incoming! 🚀

How do I claim?

  1. Connect qualifying Ethereum wallet to THORSwap
  2. Visit the Airdrop page. Qualifying addresses should display the claimable amount available.
  3. Choose Claim & Stake ($vTHOR) or direct Claim ($THOR)
  4. Confirm transaction (check for gas)
  5. ???

All unclaimed airdrop tokens will be returned to the Airdrop allocation for use at a later date. Be sure to tweet/share and spread the good word to fellow THORChads far and wide!

Thank you again everyone for your on-going support — as always:

Onwards! ⚡

About THORSwap

THORSwap is the leading multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator powered by THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

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